The Jump Manual Program Reveals How to Increase Vertical Leap

The world of basketball is seeing a lot of growth in popularity in recent years as more and more players are getting into it. One of the most important skills that every basketball player needs is the ability to jump high.

Miami, FL -- (SBWire) -- 06/16/2014 --The world of basketball is seeing a lot of growth in popularity in recent years as more and more players are getting into it. One of the most important skills that every basketball player needs is the ability to jump high. While some athletes are naturally good at it, others require a lot of training in order to improve their leaping height. Therefore a training regiment specifically for increasing one’s vertical leap is needed. The Jump Manual can be used to eliminate the weakness of short vertical jumps and this program helps athletes jump higher vertically.

What is the need of a jump manual?

The need to jump vertically higher especially for basketball players is because this sport is all about jumping. Whether it’s jumping over opponents to dunk the ball, blocking shots or rebounding, jumping is a key component in the game of basketball and one cannot be a successful player if he’s not able to jump high.

How it works?

There are many coaches and trainers that try to increase the vertical jump of a player with old obsolete methods such as jump rope workouts which are extremely ineffective. This program however, was developed by Jacob Hiller, a trainer who specializes in the field of vertical jumping and has implemented the techniques on The Jump Manual to his own jump. With his multi-facet approach and the advanced practices and techniques, Jacob was able to take his vertical leap to new heights and jump 44 inches off the ground touching his head to the rim.

As demonstrated in the preview on Basketball Workout Tips, Jacob Hiller’s Jump Manual system works by giving an athlete activities like plyometrics, stretching, jumping, running and other lower body strengthening exercises. In addition, the program incorporates nutritional guidelines that are essential for muscle recovery and growth. The Jump Manual is very efficient in providing the desired results in a very short span of time because all of the concentration with this program is on improving the vertical leap of the individual.

The program is divided into many categories and is delivered in many forms and factors. The major part of this program is delivered in the form of a digital software which can be downloaded as many times as possible and has been proved to be easy for use. The portability of the jump manual is something that cannot be ignored and that is the reason why people like to train with it. The program is available through a desktop computer, mobile and there’s even a hard copy in the form of a handbook.

The rest of the contents of the manual is comprised of documentation, images and videos which are used to explain athletes how the exercises should be performed. The exercises mentioned in The Jump Manual are effective only if executed in a correct manner, hence there is a need to properly understand each and every exercise mentioned in this program.

The effectiveness

The effectiveness of the jump manual has been observed over time as it is a simple set of exercises which are to be followed in a specific process to get the job done. The Jump Manual has no side effects that were seen in the long run or in the short run period. Many basketball players have benefited by this program as their vertical jump has improved significantly and overall it has made them better athletes. This program is being used and implemented by many of the professional and recognizable coaches too to train the new athletes.

The Jump Manual is very effective in delivering what it promises and the outcome is an athlete making higher vertical jumps, this made the life of many basketball players a lot more easier by improving their performance and.

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