Publishes in Depth Review of Athletic Greens

Four Hour Body Supplies has published a detailed independent analysis of Athletic Greens, not only investigating the product itself but comparing it to its chief competitors.

San Francisco, CA -- (SBWire) -- 06/19/2014 --Tim Ferris’ book The Four Hour Body became incredibly popular thanks to its promise of a body transformation in just a few hours a week using Ferris’ 20/80 principle, but only when fuelled by the right nutrition. Four Hour Body Supplies was a site created to discuss that nutrition, and has since grown into a reliable source of information on all athletic nutrition, including the latest evolutions from new and existing companies. Their most sought after review is a detailed analysis of Athletic Greens, which claims to be the ultimate “nutritional insurance”.

The Athletic Greens review takes into consideration not only the merits of the product itself but also tests this bold claim against the capabilities of its chief competitors in the market. It breaks the comparison down into dosage sizes, and several different content markers including superfoods and allergens, before moving onto taste, results and cost.

The review then provides an informed summary based on all this evidence, which recommends Athletic Greens as the product to choose primarily because, though it is more expensive than its competitors, it provides the most complete solution and does not require further supplements to complement it.

The Author on Four Hour Body Supplies explained, “The athletic greens review aims to be as comprehensive and easy to understand as possible, so that individuals can make informed buying decisions. There are disadvantages, which are talked about at length in the review, and there are links on the site that enable people to get directly to the product for those who want to invest. The product has become a large hit largely because it encompasses an all in one solution. People are encouraged to read the review to determine if it is a good fit for their lifestyle and goals.”

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