Cool New Jobs for Physically Disabled Now Open

Hair Detangler School offers help and support

Atlanta, GA -- (SBWire) -- 06/19/2014 --Being physically disabled is a challenge in itself especially so, when it comes to looking for jobs. The job market narrows down for those who are physically challenged leaving them no choice but, to settle for low grade jobs. Now, there is no need to compromise as Hair Detangler School is doing their bit by creating jobs for physically disabled where the institute gives them a chance to create a learning platform helping many with detangling issues while helping their families benefit from their earnings.

Hair Detangler School is extending their reach across the US and abroad by establishing hair restoration services that are done by physically challenged individuals. According to management, “as long as a physically disabled individual has completed high school, has full range of motion in both arms and all fingers. And can sit for long periods of time in a chair. They can be trained as instructors or techs." “The company further states that there are so many physically challenged women and men who want to be employed and have desired to work in the hair industry."

About Hair Detangler School
The school offers painless detangling remedies for those who suffer from unkempt hair because of lifestyle issues or other problems. This is one place where anyone regardless of the extent of their problem can come and expect to get a painless treatment that will help them liberate themselves of annoying hair issues.

Now, the company has taken its level of support and help to the next level by helping create rewarding jobs for physically disabled. To find out more about the opportunities available, please log onto . This page has extensive information on how to register for the jobs.

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