CNY Marketer Announces Release of New Guide to SEO for Local Business

Newly published guide provides concrete, actionable tips that can help small business owners independently improve Internet-based lead generation, CNY Marketer reports

Syracuse, NY -- (SBWire) -- 06/23/2014 --Search engine optimization (SEO) and web design specialist CNY Marketer announced the availability of its free Guide to SEO for Local Business. The document, a product of the findings and expertise arrived at through CNY Marketer's main line of business, lists some simple, easy things that small, locally-oriented businesses can do to improve their visibility and accessibility on the Internet. These actionable tips are designed to help small businesses improve their lead generation results without outside help, and the guide also includes some pointers for those interested in further assistance.

"Through our work in SEO and digital marketing, we have found that many local businesses are sitting on some great opportunities that they simply aren't aware of," company representative Jacob Tanner said, "and our new Guide to SEO for Local Business points out some easy ways for businesses to help themselves achieve greater prominence on the Internet." As noted in the report, around one of every three Internet searches today are locally targeted, the product of people looking for services, goods, and locations in their immediate area. Despite this fact, a striking number of smaller, locally-supported businesses around the country lack any real digital marketing or SEO strategies. Fortunately, as detailed in the new Guide to SEO for Local Business, there are a number of concrete, straightforward things that a business owner or operator can do on their own to improve the rankings of their associated web properties in the results produced by Google and other search engines.

In addition to the simple, actionable tips detailed in the newly released Guide, there are a variety of more intensive and sophisticated techniques that can be lead to even more impressive results. CNY Marketer specializes in delivering these services to the company's clients, focusing above all on producing real, quantifiable returns on investment. This focus on effectiveness has made the company one of the most prominent and respected in its sector, with around 90% of its clients being impressed enough with its services to continue their relationship. In addition to the SEO and marketing services that are intended to produce new leads for clients, the company also offers website design and social media campaign and content production services which can be used to create deeper, more satisfying Internet presences.

"We're very proud of our new Guide to SEO for Local Business," Tanner concluded, "as it shows how even simple, easily accomplished tactics can result in undeniable boosts for local businesses. Visitors to can find that and other useful resources there, as well as detailed descriptions of our many services." With a wide range of capabilities, CNY Marketer is ready and able to provide virtually any service that might of use to a small business seeking greater attention from Internet visitors. Its Guide to SEO for Local Business is a product of its commitment to showing owners and leaders of such operations how concrete, verifiable results can be easily achieved and often at impressive, business-changing scales.

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