Shim Sham Life Launches New Website: "Locking Mailboxes Residential"

South Pasadena, CA -- (SBWire) -- 06/23/2014 --Abbie Cheung, of Shim Sham Life, is pleased to announce the launch of its new website: Locking Mailboxes Residential. The site will provide a one-stop-site of product information and consumer reports and opinions to help consumers research residential locking mailboxes.

Abbie Cheung is an internet marketing consultant that specializes in finding product markets with a heavy demand of consumers but low supply of websites and information. “I actually heard from a ’friend of a friend’ about a person looking for a vandal proof mailbox that would even survive a car crashing into it,” says Cheung. “This made me curious, and so I began researching and was surprised to find some of them actually do! There is an entire industry dedicated to building the secure mailbox, from building a secure lockable mailbox to building an tamper proof indestructible mailbox.”

Cheung spent hours researching the different types of locking mailboxes. “Once I get in a research type mode, I can find just about anything fascinating. In this case there was a lot of great information I’ve never even heard of,” says Cheung. ”There are Architectural Security Mailboxes which is the very top brand in this niche. There are Solar Group Locking Mailboxes and Gibraltar Locking Mailboxes which actually have survived car crashes. And that’s just the beginning. I get excited when I discover something new to learn. Plus, I always am looking for new website projects, so why not a site that reviews residential locking mailboxes?”

This is the goal which Cheung has set for herself with the “Locking Mailboxes Residential” website. Since the website launch, Abbie Cheung has held true to her word and has already reviewed four popular secure locking mailboxes, both secure curbside mailboxes and secure wall mount mailboxes.

“There are many more to come! I definitely have gotten more excited putting up these review sites as I have gotten more experience,” concludes Cheung. ”The fact that the topic might seem dry to others and possibly a chore actually makes this even more fun for me, and I hope that is what will help make my site both enjoyable and useful for those looking to research residential locking mailboxes!”

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