YMB Properties Announces the Launch of Instant Offline Presence to Help Small Businesses


New York, NY -- (SBWire) -- 06/23/2014 --YMB Properties, the name behind the “Instant Presence” brand which has been helping marketers by making professional graphic design approachable is introducing its latest product,  Instant Offline Presence  (IOP). Instant Offline Presence follows nine other successful consumer-friendly graphic software including Instant FB Presence and Instant Infographic Presence by YMB Properties.

Having engaging ads design for online or offline marketing is no longer an option but a necessity in today’s highly visualized society where vying marketers pry for consumer’s attention. Recognizing this growing trend and finding a gap of viable solutions, YMB Properties proceeded with its Instant Presence product line which has been a hit with internet marketers since its inception. YMB Properties have now teamed up with internet marketing expert Martin Crumlish to bring Instant Offline Presence to its Instant Presence brand.

Instant Offline Presence allows for a drag-and-drop style for designing of online or offline marketing materials; the flyer design tool was designed to allow anyone without any technical or graphical background to create aesthetically, professional graphics for more effective marketing which is primed to capture your audience’s attention.

The tool is designed to be more than a flyer design software. While it serves as a flyer design software, it allows business owners or business consultants to design both online and offline graphics for marketing which includes the range of loyalty cards, rack cards, business cards, tickets, coupons, and even gift certificates. IOP has even been intended for social media uses where pictures can typically be more accepted than textual advertisements.

Regarding  Instant Offline Presence  functionality, IOP provides professional pre-designed templates for easy set-up which can be fully changed or edited. Instant Offline Presence users are able to quickly customize these marketing designs by adding logos, images or changing text styles, colors, layout and more. YMB Properties has also made Instant Offline Presence mobile friendly for offline business consultants to preview their graphics; IOP users can even utilize their one-click 3D preview to ensure their unique design fits their taste before using it on print or online.

Instant Offline Presence operates so business consultant or business owners can easily produce uncontrolled amounts of customized graphics set from professional templates for online or offline usage. As stated by YMB Properties, “designing marketing graphics should be fast, simple and easy.” YMB Properties  have gone a less conventional pricing route to keep their software easily affordable and allow for unlimited usage.

The product is currently being launched with a special limited discount that will be expiring soon. Individuals interested with YMB Properties’ Instant Offline Presence are recommended to quickly secure their IOP license through the link provided at the discounted price.

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