Can Pollution Be Used to Fuel Our Future? Synthetic Fuels Australia Is Raising Funds via Kickstarter to Do Exactly That

Synthetic Fuels Australia’s ambitious goal is to combat global warming by converting CO2 in to a carbon-neutral renewable fuel source that is cost-effective and good for our planet.


Sydney, Australia -- (SBWire) -- 07/14/2014 --Synthetic Fuels Australia recycles pollution and turns it into a resource by creating renewable fuels that replace existing fuel sources like petrol (gasoline) and ethanol.

Australia is among the world’s largest carbon emitters on a per-capita basis. On average they emit more than American’s and almost twice as much per-capita versus the EU. Scientists agree that in order to live sustainably we need to reduce our carbon footprint to about 2 tons per year. Without a drastic change to either our lifestyles, or to the way in which we handle carbon, the future isn’t looking bright.

Synthetic Fuels Australia has developed technology that solves many environmental and economic problems at once. They are also passionate about two global issues; (1) the imbalance of CO2 in the atmosphere contributing to climate change, and (2) energy security issues relating to our rapidly depleting global resources. Their plant produces renewable fuels that are created from pollution, not by depleting natural resources, and in doing so they could potentially change the way we look at pollution for good.

Synthetic Fuels Australia is looking for a core group of people that are concerned about the environment and want to move towards a more sustainable future before it is too late. Their vision is to pioneer fuels from carbon in Australia by turning pollution in to a resource. They aim to lead the transition away from fossil-based fuels by creating carbon neutral renewable fuels, which recycle CO2.

Jay Foster, a co-founder of SFA, states that there is an abundance of renewable resources at our disposal to make fuels efficiently and effectively that are both good for business and the environment. Their way is just one of those we believe can make a lasting impact and positive economic contribution to the renewable fuels sector.

The funding budget of $100,000 would allow Synthetic Fuels to build a working demonstration plant producing up to 10,000L a month of fuel recycling thousands of kilograms of CO2. All contributions will be used solely to fund the construction of a plant while they continue to source partners who want to recycle CO2.

This project will only be funded if at least $100,000 AUD is pledged by Mon, Jul 28 2014 4:23 AM +05:30.

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