HJ Has Just Launched a New Video About Reducing Weight Quickly by Consuming Coconut Oil on a Daily Basis


Woodstock, NH -- (SBWire) -- 07/17/2014 --HJ has just launched a new video about reducing weight quickly by consuming coconut oil on a daily basis. Her video speaks about coconut oil and fast weight loss, a topic which not many people know about.

She first learned about the benefits of coconut oil for weight loss, while she was doing her research for the video about losing 30 pounds in a month. She wanted to include this tip in the video, but she also wanted to test it. The only thing she knew has the fact that in the beginning of the 20th century, some shepards from Australia were really amazed to see that over 10000 sheep have lost weight after feeding them with coconut oil for over a month. At the same time all the sheep started to behave like they were lambs, because they had so much more energy.

So, HJ made more research about coconut oil, and saw a few articles in which were presented it’s benefits in fat loss, because she was not sure that this can actually work and really help women lose weight. So, she emailed her list and asked them to help her test this new weight loss theory.

Hj searched for a very cheap and organic source of Coconut butter, and emailed the link back to her subscribers. Over 100 women were interested in testing coconut oil. They bought the oil for $10, and started to consume 1 table spoon of it every day.

Also, because HJ wanted to be sure that these women will not gain weight, she asked them to eat a maximum of 1500 calories per day, so this is what these women did.

After a few days, HJ received a few great emails from some women who have also used the coconut oil on their skin, and they feel great, full of energy and have already lost 1 pound. After 5 weeks, all the women who consumed coconut oil have lost at least 8 pounds, their skin started to look great and even their cellulite was less visible.

This was the moment when HJ knew that coconut oil can really help women and men lose weight quickly if it comes from an organic source and if it is consumed daily, so she decided to make a new video about losing weight faster if coconut oil is consumed on a regular basis.

For the women who want to watch the weight loss video, and learn more about how coconut oil can help them lose weight fast, this is the url of the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gY6RKmEIiFE

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