Congratulations! You Just Lost Your Job - Dedicated Entrepreneurs Collaborate in New Book, Proving Losing a Job Is an Unlikely Gift

Written and compiled by LaSean Rinique Shelton, ‘CONGRATULATIONS! YOU JUST LOST YOUR J.O.B!’ brings together a group of ‘dedicated entrepreneurs’ to prove that losing a job can dramatically change anyone’s life for the better. While most see a ‘Job’ as the road to prosperity and security, the book’s authors rightfully redefine the word as J.O.B: “Just Over Broke” or “Juggling Overdue Bills”. Want to find out why? Read on!

Wilmington, DE -- (SBWire) -- 07/17/2014 --In this economy, many of those who are struggling would do anything for work. Equally, those who are employed view losing their jobs as a life-destroying dread. However, a group of self-titled ‘dedicated entrepreneurs’ have banded together in a powerful new book to make it clear that losing one’s job can easily become their ticket and fast-track to a better life.

‘CONGRATULATIONS! YOU JUST LOST YOUR J.O.B!: The Journeys of Dedicated Entrepreneurs’, Compiled by LaSean Rinique, makes its case with plausible clarity; drawing on the experiences and successes of its authors, who each have an affirming story to tell.


Losing your job can be traumatic. But it can also be the New Beginning to the rest of your life story. The authors from 'CONGRATULATIONS! YOU JUST LOST YOUR JOB' share their journeys from Employees to Entrepreneurs. This masterpiece is from a collection of dedicated Entrepreneurs that finally left the 40/40/40 Club. If you were struggling THEN, well you know the rest! Read about the joys of not having a J.O.B situation- Just Over Broke or Juggling Overdue Bills.

Many people say that they want to become an Entrepreneur; however, after a few no's or failures, they mistake the process of growth and development as failure. Perseverance, dedication, resiliency, trial and error are part of the recipe for success. These authors range from those that tried every home based business, failed miserably on a first attempt and some that became heart-broken when their J.O.B (sense of security) was pulled from under them. This book will make you rethink all those pre-conceived ideas and see how blessed you are to have lost your J.O.B. Imagine, you worked 40 hrs a week, for 40 years ONLY to receive 40% of your pay. If you struggled while earning it -what makes you think that retirement will be better?

Your boss at your J.O.B wants you to be well; however, you have to ask permission (or beg) to go to a dental appointment or doctors visit. Why should one have to choose between lost pay, burned up vacation days or their wellness? It just does not seem fair.

You cannot get your time back! How many recitals, plays, games, first steps, loose teeth and holidays did you miss with your family? Has time slipped away so fast that it seems like your child went from birth to college in one day? There is still time for change.

We decided that these things and more were more important! Read how losing a J.O.B (Just Over Broke) actually changed our lives for the better. What a gift!

“The reality is that, in today’s climate, even those who are employed have trouble seeing a positive future,” admits Rinique. “Guess what – they are right! Having a ‘J.O.B’ won’t get them to where they want to be in life; even though the public’s general perception of this is backwards. By sharing our stories, we hope to make it clear that paving one’s own path through life bears not only more financial fruit, but an abundance of emotional happiness.”

Continuing, “Fifteen individuals who were laid off contributed to this book. The end results is a showcase of how a pink slip also doubles up as a ticket to the life everyone desires.”

Aside from simply sharing their stories, each author also contributes valuable advice for those thinking of starting their own business. “There’s an abundance of tips for the novice entrepreneur in our book. We have made the mistakes for you, burned our money on schemes that didn't work out and now compile it one place so you don’t make the same errors. If only we had access to this information when we were finding our business feet!” Rinique adds.

‘Congratulations! You just lost your J.O.B!: Compiled by LaSean Rinique The journeys of Dedicated Entrepreneurs’ is available now:

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