Lux-Ar Launches Augmented Reality Application for Their Real Estate Integral Services

New York, NY -- (SBWire) -- 07/18/2014 --Lux-Ar (, a real estate search engine service company targeting real estate agents, brokers, realtors, contractors, and homeowners selling, buying, or renting properties, as well as customers looking to sell professional courses, and new or used cars online, is excited to announce the launch of their Augmented Reality application as part of their real estate integral services offered to their clients.

The application, which is connected to Lux-Ar’s website and utilizes the latest technology of GPS Geo Location assisted by mobile devices, allows users to instantly discover from their iPhone or iPad (and soon Android devices) which properties are available for sale or rent in the area around them. As the user moves their device, it picks up in real-time the properties listed in the surrounds. Each listing’s billboard posts valuable information about the property such as title, type of listing (for sale or rent), type of property (house, apartment, etc.), price, photos, realtor’s logo, distance from viewer’s actual location, and user reviews. Further information describing the square footage/meterage, number of rooms, costs, and more, is displayed when the user clicks on the listing. It also has other functionalities allowing viewers to directly contact the listing owner from their device, visit the agent’s website or Facebook page, and view the property’s YouTube video. The platform has an extra feature enabling a 360-degree view of the home’s interior, showcasing details of the rooms while getting a feel for the ambience, intensifying the user interaction, and making it an overall captivating experience.

Those interested in Lux-Ar’s service can sign up for an account from the website to start finding more real estate to expand their reach, and gain momentum on their offerings with the application’s user-interface. While the service is free for homeowners to use in order to increase their business, agents, realtors, and the likes can benefit from competitve low-rate plans, and obtain exclusive features unavailable in the no-charge version like company profile, analytics, property statics, and much more. A promotional video demonstrating the technology’s capacities is available at

The Augmented Reality platfom provides an easy, effective, and modern way to locally and internationally promote real estate business, as declared on the website’s blog “Augmented Reality will change the way real estate is sold and promoted.”

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About Lux-Ar
Lux-Ar is a service helping homeowners, realtors, real estate agents, brokers, and contractors advertise their property listings online. Using their innovative Augmented Reality application, they provide clients with an interactive user-experience for their customers with many embedded features such as instant location of listings around the user, 360-degree view of the property’s interior, price, type of listing, real-time information, and much more. Their services extend to clients looking to sell professional courses, as well as new or used cars.

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