How to Avoid Vehicle Repossession Legally


Phoenix, AZ -- (SBWire) -- 08/25/2014 --Sometimes a person facing vehicle repossession needs more time to get his loan caught up, so he hides his car. When the repo man comes to pick it up, it’s nowhere to be found. Is it legal to hide a vehicle from the repo man? This is an excellent question for the highly trained staff at the most dependable supplier of online financial guidance – which is available for discussion 24/7, 365. A complimentary conversation will involve discussion of the following:

- Situations for Hiding a Car
- Defrauding the Creditor
- Rules for the Repo Agent
- Creditors & Replevin

When to Hide a Vehicle

Is it legal to hide a vehicle from the repo man is a good question with a few answers. An example of a situation that merits hiding a car is if one has a tax refund coming in a couple of weeks and just needs that time. Another scenario: One has paid several of his missed payments and only has one more to catch up on his debt. Putting the car under lock and key may give him time to get that last payment together. Legal? Maybe…

Tricking the Creditor

The legality of hiding a car from a repo man comes into question when the act is not to buy one time to bring his loan current, but to defraud his creditor. This means one is obstructing the lender’s legal right to repossess a vehicle. The creditor can bring suit against someone who is hiding his vehicle, costing him more money than catching the loan up would have. has worked with thousands of people dealing with repossession; visit the website soon to get some great advice.

Repossession Agent Limitations

A repossession agent gets paid for each time he goes for the car, so the answer to is it legal to hide a vehicle from the repo man doesn’t make a bit of difference to him. As an agent fulfilling a contract to repossess someone’s car, he does have some limitations, though. For example, he cannot breach the peace (cause a ruckus, break a lock, etc.) in the completion of his assignment. He can’t walk about a person’s property to find the car, either, and he must leave the premises if someone challenges him.

What’s Replevin?

Hiding a vehicle from the repo agent may result in replevin. Replevin is the process a creditor employs to obtain a judgment against a person who is making it difficult for the repo man to get his vehicle. If the auto’s owner does not heed the judge’s edict, he may face both civil and criminal charges. Learn more about replevin and repossession by stopping by, any time.

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