Yacon Extract: The Studies Behind the Popular Weight Loss Product

Houston, TX -- (SBWire) -- 08/05/2014 --Experts advise buyers searching for a weight loss supplement to only trust a product which weight loss effects have been backed by substantial research. There have been various researches and clinical trials conducted to study the weight loss effects of the Yacon Extract supplements and how effective they are in helping people lose weight compared to placebos. Even though there is a limited amount of research, the findings have generally been in favor of the positive effects of yacon root extract on weight loss.

In the various clinical trial studies that were conducted, subjects that used yacon extract showed remarkable weight loss in a small period of time. It was also observed that in some cases the fiber in the yacon extract had cured constipation and cleaned the colon – which is also beneficial for weight loss. Subjects also had a boost in their metabolism after using the yacon root extract supplement. Despite the fact that each of the studies had their drawbacks, each study reinforced the yacon benefits.

It was also observed that yacon root supplements did not cause any side effects and are considered to be generally safe for adults. Experts instruct the public to buy yacon syrup supplements such as Pure Organic Yacon Root Extract Premium 1000 which holds the right strength of the active compounds essential for weight loss.

Yacon syrup Where to buy:

To avoid any costly mistakes and ending up with an ineffective product, people must do their research before they buy Yacon syrup. A trusted brand name and make such as BioGanix’s Pure Organic Yacon Root Extract Premium can ensure the high quality of ingredients and a safe and pure product to provide maximum yacon benefits.

Bioganix, a trusted name in the world of natural supplement manufacturing, has introduced their premium Yacon root extract product aptly named “Pure Organic Yacon Root Extract Premium”. The said supplement has been made using only certified organic Yacon extract. This is a raw Yacon syrup extract made into capsules which have been manufactured using the highest standards to keep the nutritional integrity of the supplement intact.

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