The Increasing Demand for Facebook Likes: How Is It Bought and Sold

Celebrities, A listers, businesses, fortune 500 companies, and even the U.S. State Department have bought Facebook likes, Twitter followers or YouTube viewers from offshore "click farms," where workers numerously tap the thumbs up button, watch videos on loop or repeatedly retweet comments to bloat social media numbers.


Duluth, GA -- (SBWire) -- 08/11/2014 --Since Facebook launched about a decade ago, users have wanted to expand their social networks for economic gain, winning friends, flaunting rights and professional influence. And social media firms cite the levels of engagement to hype their value.

An Associated Press examination has found a budding global marketplace for buy facebook likes cheap, and social media clicks which tech companies struggle to regulate. Online records, industry studies and interviews show companies are taking advantage on the opportunity to generate millions of dollars by manipulating social media.

It is cheap to buy Facebook likes, twitter followers, and YouTube views, they cost as little as half a cent each click, Click farms and social media firms expand their market and venture on providing LinkedIn connections making members appear more employable and even Sounscloud plays to catch the attention of record labels.

Why these facebook likes are bought on the first place? Companies don’t want to be left out of the competition. They are afraid that when a user view their page and found only a few likes, say for example 20 to 30 likes, they are going lose potential customers which their competitors that have tons of likes will get.

Is it safe to buy Facebook likes? The best answer would be, there’s no harm on purchasing those, and in fact these likes will help the brand build its online and social reputation. When users saw a page overflowing with likes and have tons of engagement they tend an eye on the page, and most probably will like the page for them to have timely update. Yes, bought likes may fall over time due to security updates of these social media sites but they will be replaced with genuine and engaging ones. There’s nothing to lose, more or less.

On another note, social media service companies are backed by hardcore programmers that are continuously developing their programs in order to provide the signals that appear organic. The business continues. Startups and aspiring stars still have someone to cling to build their social profiles and make it more appealing.

Social media sites are putting intense efforts to battle this social media service providers, simply because these companies are their top contenders for they also sell what these companies are offering the difference is that their prices come more pricey as compared to that of the latter.

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