84444.ca Announces the Arrival of Bret Dunlap's New Mobile Marketing Book, "30 Days to Mobile Marketing Expertise"


King of Prussia, PA -- (SBWire) -- 08/27/2014 --84444 is pleased to announce the arrival of Bret Dunlap’s new mobile marketing book, “30 Days To Mobile Marketing Expertise.” Bret Dunlap is the Co-Founder of Advanced Telecom Services, the parent company of 84444.

According to Dunlap’s mobile marketing book, the average American sends and receives 41 text messages per day, and teenagers send an average of 60 text messages per day. Dunlap provides a graph, which shows that women text more than men and the 15-17 age group text constantly.

On December 3, 1992, the very first commercial SMS message was sent over the Vodaphone GSM network in the UK. In the early 2000s, text messaging became widely popular. Dunlap’s book notes that since then, text messaging has evolved from 14 billion per month in 2000 to 184 billion in 2012. Virtually anyone can send a text message and an internet connection isn’t needed, only a cellular signal. It’s a simple and fast way to reach other people. Instead of dialing someone’s phone number, and waiting for them to pick up, users can send a quick text and will usually receive an instant response.

Companies are always seeking ways to communicate with their customers. According to Dunlap’s book, a new communication tool is emerging, known as text-to-chat or aka “text chat.” Companies that are customer-service-oriented should consider implementing a text-chat service. This will provide a dialogue between customers and companies. It could potentially bring more traffic, provide better customer service, and is a tool that could differentiate companies from their competitors.

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