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San Francisco, CA -- (SBWire) -- 08/28/2014 --BeVisible Sports announces the sale of their number one maternity compression stockings on, with attractive introductory prices for customers.

The stockings are knee high and open toed, designed specifically to promote blood circulation and provide relief from muscle cramps in expectant mothers.

Buyers can, for a limited period of time, purchase a single pair of these special stockings at $29.99 a pair, which is a reduction of 50% over the retail price.

More attractive discounts are available for customers ordering multiple pairs. Two pairs of the compression stockings are now being sold for $57, three pairs for $81 and four pairs at $102.

To avail of the volume discounts and free shipping all customers need to do is select the number of pairs they wish to purchase and add it to their shopping cart on Amazon. The discount is automatically applied during the check-out process.

The offer is valid only till stocks last.

Buyers are also offered protection by the manufacturer's 100% satisfaction guarantee, by which dissatisfied customers can return their products within 90 days of purchase and seek redressal of any issues from the company.

While the stockings are relatively new, they have been on the market for a few months. The purpose of the heavy discounts, according to the company, is to reach their product to more people who may benefit from it. The sportswear makers are also pursuing bulk discounts with the aim of obtaining feedback and reviews of the product.

According to a BeVisible representative, the company is confident that their product meets their high standards, since it has been tested extensively at their factories.

"It is important to get our reviews on We are confident that once expectant mother use our product, they will be happy to leave their honest, unbiased opinion", says the company website.

Maternity compression stockings or pregnancy leggings are worn by a lot of pregnant women right from trimester one through the third trimester and beyond.

They are popular because of the issues caused by hormonal changes during pregnancy and the consequent weight gain.

Weight gain during pregnancy results in swelling up of the feet, ankles and legs. It is a widely known fact that during the first trimester, the swelling is caused by hormonal changes. In the third trimester the problem becomes more acute because the growing uterus slowly presses into the largest vein in the leg, the vena cava.

Since the vena cava is largely responsible for carrying blood from the lower limbs back to the heart, during this time women often experience poor blood circulation in the lower limbs and swelling caused by pooling fluids.

Maternity compression stockings are believed to promote circulation in the legs and reduce swelling as a preventive approach. There has also been evidence that maternity leggings can help to mitigate the effects of varicose veins and spider veins. They may also provide relief from cramps and Charley's horses during sleep by providing leg support.

Quality compression stockings and sleeves reportedly gain their effectiveness from graduated pressure technology. This is a design feature by which the stockings are tighter around the ankles than around the knees. As a result they allow blood to circulate from ankles to knees.

BeVisible's maternity compression stockings are made of a combination of nylon and spandex. The company claims that the product offers immediate relief from leg swelling and even back pain during pregnancy. According to the company website, women may sleep better at night because of reduced leg cramps and find it easier to make toilet visits since their sleeves are only knee high.

The compression stockings have also received positive reviews from customers battling with shin splint problems. According to one customer, "These keep muscles from straining without hindering workout."

Another customer of the online retailers gives 5 stars to the product saying, "These are doing a good job of controlling my pregnancy edema".

The BeVisible maternity compression stockings are available in sizes Small/Medium, Large and XL. Customers can find these on following the links above or doing a search for "bevisible sports maternity stockings " on Amazon.

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