Strong African Female Lead in New Danish Indiegame

Independent developers Holm and Nissen launch their crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo for a unique, war-themed Idle game with an edgy female hero.

Newport Beach, CA -- (SBWire) -- 08/28/2014 --The team of Jorn Holm and Carsten Nissen announces the launch of a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo for “Idle Killer”, a new, exciting addition to the Idle game genre, set in a fictitious war-torn country named Zamunda, in Africa.

Zamunda’s parliament is lead by a corrupt prime minister who has left huge regions of the country unstable and dominated by rival warlords. Players take on the role of an edgy female hero named Boatema, chosen by the most powerful warlord to be his trusted soldier to conquer new lands and expand his territory. Boatema, forced to be a member of the militia since childhood, grows up to be a cold-blooded child soldier, seeking power and control while dealing with her demons. Armed with her skills and expertise, she takes on missions to conquer the world.

Idle Killer is as addictive as the other Idle games but with a richer, more complex storyline and a darker twist—players kill to conquer and kills are the currency in the game. Kills are obtained by killing enemies or by investing in military infrastructure, from basic structures like infantry camps to more advanced structures such as government black sites. Players can also release random bonuses in various ways—these can be from small mini-games to random spawning clickable buttons with flashy effects that release instant rewards.

Idle Killer is a free web-based uncensored game that takes players into a brutally exciting, dark world at war, with symbolic scenes of atrocity and realistic scenarios of extreme violence.

Holm and Nissen toyed with the idea of taking a new game genre and combining it with their own ideas. The Idle game genre was the most appealing choice. When asked about their choice of genre, they quote IGN’s Justin Davis, “Idle Games seem perfectly tuned to provide a never-ending sense of escalation, super addictive, super dumb - and I mean that in the most affectionate way possible”. The result is their creation of “Idle Killer”, bringing Idle games to a whole new level by taking players to an uncensored world of brutality and war. Players can unlock the game’s story through drone feeds from around the world with unique hand-drawn comic art style illustrations and watching their progress through the in-game World Map.

The developers of the game have the alpha version ready but the graphics, user interface assets, sounds and animation, and complex programming parts are still in the works. To finish the project, the team welcomes support and funding, and have prepared perks in return for contributions.

The Indiegogo project is available for viewing here:

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Jorn Holm and Carsten Nissen, both from Denmark, are experienced in programming, design, and concept development. They are working together on developing a game and have collaborated with people from various parts of the world for this project.

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