Clexidra Marketing Auditor Starts Operating in the United Kingdom

Erba, Italy -- (SBWire) -- 08/29/2014 --Flyer marketing, leaflet distribution and billboards are important marketing tools for business promotion, but for achieving the best performance and success in business, an auditing company should supervise these outdoor campaigns. The good news for businesses in London is that the reputed and professional Clexidra Marketing Auditor starts operation in London, to monitor all promotional materials distribution and displays.

Flyers, leaflets and billboards are certainly the backbone of business promotion and very effective advertising tools, and businesses who entrust these jobs to advertising and distributing companies might have no time to run behind these companies to check if the companies do their jobs correctly and perfectly. Clexidra is now in London to take that burden off the shoulders of these businesses.

Door-to-door flyer distribution is undoubtedly one of the best and cost-effective marketing tools, to get the attention of the public, but many times flyers are stuffed in postboxes or piled near homes. Printing flyers requires a good amount of financial resources and it can be a waste of money if the flyers are lost, damaged or not distributed properly. When entrusting the work to Clexidra, the company makes sure that all flyers and leaflets are distributed correctly without wastage. The company also helps the clients to get an understanding about the various locations, high traffic regions, mailbox accessibility, number of houses, families etc to help businesses to cover specific areas and to improve marketing campaigns, thus ensuring that the flyers reach the destination correctly instead of landing in garbage bins. The company also inspects the advertising materials stock making sure that the materials are not lost and are safe and in good condition.

Another effective way to promote business is to place ads on billboards. Clexidra Company audits all banners, billboards and outdoor displays ensuring maximum exposure of these outdoor advertising campaigns, making sure that billboards and banners are installed in the time and manner required. The company’s team of inspectors and field specialists verifies the display, lighting, size and visibility of the billboards and reports to the clients about poor visible boards or about boards placed in illegal locations.

The company addresses all faults connected with the promotional and advertising campaigns, ensuring that the client’s business flourishes successfully.

About Clexidra Marketing Auditor
The Clexidra Company conducts outdoor advertising auditing services such as flyer marketing audits, leaflet and catalogue distribution inspection, billboard inspections, advertising materials stock survey and advertising banner inspections, thus helping the progress of any business without any drawbacks. The company’s professionally trained inspectors will check the performance of the distributing company, making sure that all the promotional campaigns are done flawlessly, without diminishing the value of the business. Whether small, medium or large scale business, the company performs audit services tailored to suit the individual requirements of each program. The company evaluates the efficiency of the marketing company and controls, observes and reports their activities to the clients. Businesses can place their trust in Clexidra to keep track of marketing investments, to ensure effective marketing campaign for achieving success.


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