Diet Doc's Modernized and Modified Hormone Diet Treatments Replace Unsafe, Outdated hCG Diet

Diet Doc offers patients nationwide the opportunity to take control of their health with modern and safe hormone diet treatments that replace the unsafe and outdated hCG Diet


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWire) -- 09/02/2014 --In the 1950s, researcher, A.T.W. Simeons, discovered that the hCG diet, a hormone that is naturally produced in pregnant women, combined with a very low calorie intake, would lead to fast weight loss. Although many Simeons followers did actually lose weight, Simeons did not consider that the human body cannot thrive on his dangerously low, 500-calorie per day, intake. Many patients suffered severe fatigue, while many others suffered more serious side effects. Diet Doc does not support the outdated hCG diet’s dangerously low calorie protocol and has benefited from decades of scientific research, combined with modern medical understanding, to develop their own, thoroughly updated version, encouraging patients to consume more than double the daily calories than that of the original hCG diet, without compromising health or fast weight loss results.

The weight loss professionals at Diet Doc begin by reviewing each patient’s entire system through a health evaluation and online doctor consultation. The doctors focus on each patient’s reason for weight gain and work to uncover any hormonal imbalances, cellular toxicity or improperly functioning organs that may be hindering fast weight loss. Diet plans are uniquely designed by certified nutritionists to be compatible with almost any medical condition and for those who are emotional eaters, sugar and carb cravers or just too busy to plan and follow a healthy diet. Each diet plan focuses on the patient’s personal circumstance and result in successful weight loss for those who are struggling to lose that final 10-20 pounds to those who must lose 100 pounds or more.

Patients will receive a written report of the doctor’s findings, including recommendations for the safest and best solution for safe and fast weight loss. Although diet plans will be designed for all patients, many will receive pure prescription hormone treatments to, not only speed the rate at which they see fat melting from their body, but to help them over the initial weight loss hurdles by controlling between meal hunger, food cravings and loss of energy.

Diet Doc does not offer generic diet plans and is committed to following each patient through to the end of their weight loss journey. Checkup calls are scheduled to monitor weekly weight loss progress, as well as to assess comfort level and attitude during dieting. This close, personal contact quickly alerts doctors if weight loss tapers and to prevent plateaus with medication and diet adjustments. Unlimited access to the staff of highly trained doctors, nurses, nutritionists and coaches provide patients with unlimited support, encouragement and guidance throughout.

Diet Doc has built its reputation on providing safe and fast weight loss to clients nationwide and urge everyone who has been unsuccessful in the past to call today to schedule a confidential and complementary consultation.

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