9NOVA Announces New, Targeted Digital Marketing Program for Plastic Surgeons

Innovative new offering delivers definite, measurable return on investment and qualified leads by combining a number of distinct approaches into a unique product, 9NOVA reports

Seattle, WA -- (SBWire) -- 09/02/2014 --9NOVA, a leading integrated marketing agency, announced the launch of a new program aimed at providing plastic surgeons greater exposure for their practices. Following on the results of a thorough investigation into the digital marketing and other techniques that have proven to be the most effective in delivering new patients to these medical specialists, the program includes a complete package of approaches toward enhancing the visibility of websites and social media presences. 9NOVA is a leader in the field of integrated marketing, having developed and conducted a number of notably innovative and impressive campaigns in recent years.

"More so than virtually any other kind of doctor," 9NOVA representative Brad Jacobs said, "plastic surgeons must work hard to ensure the success of their practices. Our new, focused marketing service is going to make it easier than ever to generate valuable, qualified leads and bring in new patients." Plastic surgery of various sorts continues to grow in importance and popularity, with over 15 million procedures having been conducted in the United States in 2013 alone. Americans of all age ranges, ethnic and racial backgrounds, and income levels now routinely take advantage of elective procedures of this sort, often finding in them convenient and satisfying ways of improving personal traits that would otherwise be necessary to tolerate for life.

These facts entail a great deal of opportunity for plastic surgeons, but the competition is fierce. Even many especially well-trained and capable plastic and cosmetic surgeons can find it difficult to obtain the attention their skills would seem to merit. Many doctors of this kind, in fact, report that arranging for effective marketing efforts are among their most challenging obligations.

9NOVA's new program, detailed at http://www.9nova.com, is designed to provide exactly the kind of help these hard-working professionals so often need. Based on lessons drawn from many years of experience working with plastic and reconstructive surgeons, the new offering applies a number of different approaches in coordinated, mutually-supporting ways. The end product is a full-service marketing system that can produce impressive, satisfying levels of success even where previous efforts have failed, a fact that can be attested to by a growing list of the company's clients.

"Thanks to our new program, real, measurable results are available to any plastic surgeon who is looking to build a practice," Jacobs concluded, "and impressive return on investment is all but guaranteed." Plastic surgeons and supporting staff who are interested in the company's new offering can find more details at the company's website at http://www.9nova.com. A variety of perspectives on the challenges specific to marketing for plastic surgeons, including the deft, productive navigation of social media networks, are also available there.

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