NueDay Announces Arrival of Moso Air Purifying Bag at Amazon

Moso refrigerator air filter naturally absorbs odors, moisture, mold, bacteria, and chemicals, reports NueDay

West Allis, WI -- (SBWire) -- 09/02/2014 --For years, people have searched for a refrigerator air freshener that was not only safe and nontoxic, but actually works. Today, NueDay, a manufacturer of products that are both sustainable and effective, announced the release of its moso air purifying bag, which is more powerful than baking soda and is also more versatile. According to the company, this bag will not only absorb odors, but also moisture, mold, mildew, and bacteria from the refrigerator environment. Even better, it is made of natural and sustainable materials.

"Most air fresheners are far from natural and are outright unsafe to have near your food," said Grace Landers of Nueday. "They contain harmful products like formaldehyde, petrochemicals, and other such things. However, the common alternative for refrigerators, baking soda, isn't very powerful. It does work, but it takes a long time to absorb odors and it doesn't absorb anything else. We believe that our product addresses all of these problems and will provide people with the fresh-smelling refrigerators that they should have."

The moso refrigerator air filter's power comes from charcoal, but it's not just a generic form of the material. Instead, it comes from easily-sustainable moso bamboo charcoal. Moso bamboo is a fast-growing plant that quickly regenerates after harvest, so there's no need to worry about it being depleted by commercial use. It's also excellent at absorbing not only odors, but also gaseous toxins like formaldehyde fumes and offgassing from plastic containers. It absorbs moisture, bacteria, and mold, too. This makes the Moso Bag a great choice for people who need a natural way to eliminate the smell of mildew, mold, or bacteria from their refrigerators.

"Since our company is committed to being environmentally friendly, we didn't stop with simply making a natural bag that works. The Moso Air Purifying Bag is also reusable and compostable. To refresh its odor-eating capabilities, users just need to set it out in the sun for a few hours to allow it to dry and kill any mold or bacteria. When the day finally comes that refreshing doesn't work, it can be recycled by composting it in a pile or directly in the garden," Landers explained.

This powerful new refrigerator air freshener will be a welcome addition to the arsenal of everyone who seeks natural and non-toxic solutions to everyday problems. It will keep a clean refrigerator smelling fresh for months, and will make it easier to restore a clean scent to a fridge after the unit has been exposed to food that was forgotten for too long. Overall, the Moso Bag appears to be a great upgrade over plain baking soda, and it's certainly better - and likely more effective - than washing the entire refrigerator out with bleach and hoping the odors stay gone.

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