Thailand and Amatta Today, Tomorrow the World - D Plast (Decorative Plastic Company LTD) Breaking Into the Industry of Plastic Sheets

Today’s demand for plastic sheets is at its peak for there are innumerable ways this material can be utilized. Plastic sheets are commonly used in covering steel, tiles, wood, glass, textiles, computer and other electrical appliance covers, medical urine bags, and a whole lot more. Basically the main purpose of plastic sheets is to protect items and surfaces from dust and scratches for them to have that gloss and maintain their aesthetics.


Wangthonglang, Bangkok -- (SBWire) -- 09/05/2014 --Plastic sheets not only protect and maintain the aesthetics of the items some even give the item’s beauty a boost. Plastic sheets also come in decorative designs and patterns. These are called PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) decorative films, At D Plast there are a lot of decorative PVC films to choose from, one can absolutely a design or a pattern that will complement his taste and preference and the surface that he wants this to be applied on.

D Plast is Thailand’s plastic industry leader in the production of decorative plastic sheets. D Plast’s now been in the industry for ten years now, this has mold them to be the top competitor amongst the plastic sheets manufacturer. D Plast knows that the competition in the industry they are in is cutthroat that’s the reason they innovate products prior to releasing it to the market. Within this time frame they’ve come up with a product of their own, the ErasisX, what’s special in this product is that it’s easy to maintain and includes fire proof properties. On top of that ErasisX also has an anti mildew and antifungal properties, not allowing bacteria and molds to thrive on its surface. ErasisX another feature is that it is inclusive of Ultraviolet inhibitors enabling the product to resist fading or running for at least 350 hours and in some variant or color 650 hours the most. ErasisX’s open foam properties enable the covered material to breathe, this technology is similar to an anti sweat solution.

Their innovations are not confined in the production PVC and plastic sheets that are tailor made for specific they also think outside the box and come up with products that have lots of versatility. One of D Plast’s latest innovations is the production of PVC sponge leather. They have set the bar for this product, by making it classy without omitting its original look and feel and this is made possible by giving the regular PVC sponge leather the best quality finish using only the finest materials able to pass EN 71, European standards, for FR, NO P and more– this will surely give that comfy and cozy feeling when use at home.

About D Plast (Decorative Plastic Company Ltd)
Decorative Plastic Company Limited started in 2004 as an extension of our mother companies manufacturing base in Thailand. D Plast has been requested by the Thai Government to move a portion of our machines and set up on a plot of Land between the border of Lao and Vietnam. The special incentive given to us for the move, prompted us to move 4 of our 11 calendars to this new Facility.

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