First Response Launches Program to Educate Clients and Their Family Member Caregivers on Adopting Proper Emergency Medical Alert Protocols


Brewster, NY -- (SBWire) -- 09/15/2014 --In an ongoing effort to educate independent living seniors and their family member caregivers to better understand and more effectively take advantage of the latest-generation medical alert systems, First Response has initiated an online program to help demystify the modern-day technologies and emergency protocols that can best serve consumers when employing a medical monitoring system for the first time.

Understandably, twenty-first-century technologies can come with a myriad of beneficial features that may overwhelm many consumers, particularly elderly adults and the family members that care for them. Fortunately, traditional land line and cell dialer systems for use in-and-around-the-home are relatively simple to operate and require minimal, if no maintenance. For seniors and families that require more portable and mobile systems for use outside the home and property, GPS and cellular network technologies offer more enhanced emergency medical applications and features.

For most independent seniors, a medical alert system represents a first alert “line of defense” when an unexpected accident or sudden life-threatening medical emergency occurs. Yet, equally important is the emergency medical monitoring services and associated response and dispatch protocols that are immediately enacted upon once the user presses their panic alert button. According to Scott Hazlewood, Vice President of Client Services & Support for First Response, “The backbone of any medical alarm system is the quality and professional-level of the emergency monitoring center, its action protocols in place, and the competency of the live operator who specifically responds to the individual user’s call”.

The online program, featured prominently on the blog section of the company website, acts as a guide that systematically instructs the reader on how the First Response national emergency monitoring center functions, what actually happens when a live certified EMS operator responds to the user via the system during an emergency call, and specific “action” protocols that can be chosen and adopted by the user, family members and First Response in the event of an actual emergency medical alarm dispatch. An informational video provides further insights into these critical elements that comprise the overall emergency medical monitoring and dispatch service to clients.

As part of this online initiative to provide clients and consumers alike with easy-to-access educational content featuring the latest developments in products and services to help seniors maintain their independence, mobility and peace-of-mind, First Response has established a Toll-Free information hotline where interested seniors and family member caregivers can speak personally with a live Medical Alert Specialist. A “request for more information” submit button, located on each page of the website, is also available for direct contact with company representatives.

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