Powered by the People Opens Its Recommended Contractor Listings to the Public

Powered By The People has been something of a members club for a growing minority to benefit from the best recommended contractors in the US, but is now opening its doors to everyone.

Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWire) -- 09/26/2014 --Contractors can operate almost as a law unto themselves, and as such their quality can vary hugely. Finding the best contractors often comes down to recommendations from friends, but if friends have not required the kind of work people seek, that leaves them searching blindly. Powered By The People is a website that allowed for the creation of a registry of recommendations for contractors so that people across the US could find the right people to help them. After four successful years working on a recommended, member’s only basis, the website has finally opened up to the general public.

Powered By The People has become the most reputable source for local general contractors services, including general contractors, painters, carpet cleaners, moving companies, plumbers, electricians and more. The network functions solely on recommendations by other users, and has now opened its website up to the public.

The network originally functioned on a referral basis for users to join, but can now be joined by anyone, as after four years the network has become robust enough to cover the entire United States and serve as a representative ‘best of’ for contractors of any discipline. Sharing this with the public makes it an invaluable resource.

A spokesperson for Powered By The People explained, “This network is founded on the idea that if we share our experiences of contactors, almost crowd sourcing for contractors, the good ones will flourish and the poor one’s will cease to exist which benefits customers and the quality contractors. That’s why we chose the name Powered by The People. We have become successful because of people power and that success is shared with the contractors who are recommended. We believe personal recommendation is a far more potent tool for businesses than any other marketing strategy, and by giving that power a central location, it also encourages contractors to earn those recommendations, for the benefit of themselves and those they work for.”

About Powered By The People
Powered By The People is a network of home services contractors for the entire US. In business since 2010, the network has been operating exclusively by customer referral and has now finally opened its online presence to the general public so more people than ever can benefit from the best quality contractors in the US. For more information please visit: http://www.poweredbythepeople.com/

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