Jamie Ferrazano Seeks Crowdfunding to Launch the Perfect Score App

Do you want more sex? This Kickstarter app guarantees it – scientifically!


Clearwater, FL -- (SBWire) -- 09/30/2014 --Skeptics can have their minds read a mile away: Sounds great but is it true? The answer is Yes! Science supplies the explanation. Testosterone is the hormone that affects a woman's libido. During a woman's menstrual cycle, her testosterone levels rise and fall throughout the month. Since sexual desire is directly connected with testosterone levels, naturally the desire that a woman feels to have sex also rises and falls. By tracking this information, we can not only tap in to the best and worst days to try to have sex with our partners but also learn what the RED HOT days are each month to have great sex!

It’s no secret that men are usually always ready to go while women have peaks and valleys during their 28 day cycle which is directly connected to their sexual mood. This app uses a woman's monthly cycle to predict her man’s probability for sex on any given day. Evening or weekend plans could well change when advanced notice of amorous opportunities are available. This app can act as a biological crystal ball for men to help them make that decision.

Getting lucky is no longer required. Science itself will seal the deal.

Some benefits of The Perfect Score App include:

- Increases the chances for sex
- Mitigates the risks for rejection
- Learn the peak days for maximum satisfaction
- Have better sex on the best days
- Knowing when to stay away
- Better understanding of a woman's hormones
- Improve relationships in a spectrum; sexual and non-sexual.

This crowdfunding campaign ends on November 7, 2014.

The Perfect Score App Indiegogo Page - http://bit.ly/1rIPT1g

About Jamie Ferrazano
He has spent most of his professional life in the wonderful world of technology. His expertise is in the area of process improvement. He applies big data driven analytics in his own life everyday life to fill gaps with technology which makes day-to-day operations more efficient. He firmly believes that there isn't anything in this world that cannot be improved with the right data.

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