Social Media Users Obtain a New Way to Post Messages

By streamlining the process of posting to social media with a simple phone call, Speech To Social Media by Panoorin offers a personalized solution to everyday social media users, and businesses too! Users are able to accurately post to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn without typing.

Fenton, MI -- (SBWire) -- 10/01/2014 --With over 1 billion users of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn much time is spent typing messages. However, a new service called Panoorin is offering what is referred to as “Speech To Social Media”. Through the simple to use service, a social media user can call in, say their message and hang up. The spoken message is then transcribed and posted onto the user’s social media profile on one or more social media sites.

Not only does traditional posting require access to an Internet-ready device, but also multiple steps including logging in, clicking the text box, typing the actual message, reviewing for spelling errors, and posting the message. Since posting on social media is multi-step process that is often time consuming, speech to social media by Panoorin saves time and effort while allowing users to post with a phone call.

The owner of the new startup company Terrance D. Schemansky is a musician, and music promoter based in Michigan. He named the company Panoorin, which is a Filipino word for “watch” or “view”. The company currently has a project on Kickstarter where people can financially pledge to back the project and receive exclusive access to use the service!

Since each user is given a unique account, privacy is ensured as messages are accurately posted. Passwords are also encrypted to provide security. Because spoken messages are transcribed and posted by human beings, even speech filler words are eliminated. When using speech to social media, the end result is a posted message that looks as if the user actually typed it. Ultimately, Panoorin is an innovative way to manage social media profiles without typing.

Using Kickstarter, Panoorin hopes to gain community support to help cover upfront business costs. In addition to offering months of the service, Panoorin beta tester t-shirts, and other perks are available. One unique perk includes a private dinner with the creator of Panoorin. Beta testers will have the opportunity to see the new face of social media posting, first-hand.

About Panoorin
Despite being in its early stages, Panoorin has received overwhelming positive feedback for its potential to save lives. By allowing users to utilize hands-free calling, Mr. Schemansky believes that the platform will drastically reduce the instances of texting while driving. In essence, Panoorin creates a safer environment for drivers, while still giving them the opportunity to update their online profiles.

For more information on Panoorin and their bold quest to make the world of social media safer and easier to navigate, visit their official site at Users can also support the project to receive a wide range of rewards at

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