Argentina Dolar Publishes New Insights on Argentinian Currency Crash

Argentina Dolar is offering the best coverage on the black market currency crash from inside the country, with the Dollar Blue dropping to 15 per US dollar while the official rate remains 8.

San Francisco, CA -- (SBWire) -- 10/03/2014 --Like Venezuela, Argentina operates strict controls on foreign currency and their exchange rates, leading to a distortion of reality in which Argentina’s own currency looks more valuable against the US dollar. The black market value however has crashed to 15 Argentinian dollars to one US dollar, suggesting major economic turmoil is being covered up. Argentina Dolar is an economic news website that offers the latest news on Argentina’s Dollar Blue- the underground black market exchange rate- from within the nation, so everyone from foreign investors to travelers can find real insights.

As the number one Argentina currency exchange rate resource online, Argentina Dolar is set to see a spike in traffic from international sources now the lid has finally been lifted, reporting on the official national economy’s sharp falls, as well as their up to the minute black market rates.

As international focus is finally being drawn to the ‘real’ rather than official market, known in Argentina as the “dolar blue” rate, the site syndicates the latest and most relevant news articles pertaining to both markets.

In their latest report, they describe the spike in US dollar value within the country as evidence of a looming economic recession similar to the one that took place in 2001, with the government’s strict currency control being partially responsible for the problems.

A spokesperson for Argentina Dolar explained, “People must understand that the Dollar Blue is technically illegal, as foreign currencies are strictly controlled within the country. However, people are willing to pay a premium to subvert that control and get their hands on high value currencies like American Dollars and Pounds. We try to ensure that people both at home and abroad understand the relative exchange rates, as the latter offers real economic insight into Argentina, which is valuable not just to travelers but to investors too, who can look at the black market rate to see truer picture of Argentina’s economy than the government presents.”

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