Slash and Shoot Launches to Provide Best Insights and Advice for Weapon Enthusiasts

Slash and Shoot is a new website dedicated to helping people stay safe and well equipped while enjoying shooting and hunting, they have published a plethora of new material make a statement on launch.

Dover, FL -- (SBWire) -- 10/08/2014 --Hunting and shooting are much favored hobbies in the US, and are enjoyed by millions every year. Despite this, many of those people may not be aware that they are putting themselves and others in danger by not properly equipping themselves, using bad habits and not training properly. Slash and Shoot is a website that aims to help people enjoy these hobbies even more by ensuring people understand how to use their weapons properly, while also identifying the best equipment on the market. The website has launched with a huge suite of resources, starting with their reviews of hunting bows.

The bow is considered by many to be a nobler weapon than a rifle when hunting, but it is also more practical. The lack of an explosive sound means a hunter will not scare off prey as easily. Slash and Shoot has looked at compound and recurve bows to see which is the best in each category, and which is best overall.

The reviews describe the best features to look for in each type of bow, and they also include a comparison chart which features different variables including overall quality rating, price, draw length, draw weight and more to help people come to an informed decision. Overall however, the recurve bows come with the highest ratings between the two types of bow.

A spokesperson for Slash and Shoot explained, “Compound bows are more accurate but are also more complex, with more pulleys and moving parts that can contribute to problems and issues. While recurve bows require more strength and have less accuracy overall, they are also far more durable in the challenging conditions that hunters face out in the wild. Both these bows have distinct advantages and it depends which people feel will be the best fit for them, according to their height, weight, draw strength and more. We provide comprehensive listings so that everyone can find the most appropriate bow for them.”

About Slash and Shoot
Slash and Shoot is a fresh site about hunting and military gear for weapon enthusiasts. The core focus of the site is on how to properly train for weapon use, how to make the wisest purchases, and how to develop the proper habits and best practices for safety and protection while enjoying the hobby.

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