Kaza Fire Equipment Company Unveils Online Store

Online store allows fire departments to buy specialized equipment without long drives to far-off suppliers, reports Kaza Fire Equipment Company

Ebensburg, PA -- (SBWire) -- 10/13/2014 --Kaza Fire Equipment Co. recently announced the opening of its online store, which brings consumer-like convenience to fire departments and similar organizations across the nation. This store makes it easy to purchase professional firefighting equipment at any time. Ordering is open to everyone, including municipal fire departments, private firefighting teams, and individuals.

"The need to go to a physical store to buy equipment has often posed problems for fire departments, especially those that are in remote areas," said Rick Smith of Kaza Fire. "This is because equipment stores tend to be located in big cities, which means that someone in a far-off town will have to drive 50 miles or more to get to them. Remote fire departments often can't afford to spare the personnel for the amount of time it takes to get to a store, buy equipment, and get back. The ability to get delivery will be a big boon to these fire brigades."

Similar problems are posed to private businesses and other organizations that have their own firefighting staff. Colleges, large apartment complexes, and other such establishments often have private firefighting staff and private police officers. These departments are often small, and having someone spend all day shopping for equipment will usually leave them noticeably short-handed.

"Our online store offers all of the peripheral equipment a firefighting team needs," Smith explained. "If a department needs an 18 inch Fan, for example, it'll have no trouble finding the perfect one at our shop. We carry several makes and models of these fans, which are usually used to clear fumes from a building after a fire has been put out. Other products in stock include fire hose, ladders, knives, pick-axes, and similar equipment."

Since rescue is often part of a firefighting operation, the store also carries plenty of equipment designed to make it easier to gain access to locked or otherwise blocked-off areas. Notably, the old-fashioned axe has been improved upon in many ways. Manual solutions include hardened pick-axes that can chop through a door in just a few strokes. For situations where power is available, whether from a generator or a standard outlet, Air Tools come into play. These combine the power of an impact driver with chisel-shaped tool heads. They're great for chopping through masonry, collapsed debris, and other hard materials that stand behind a firefighter and a trapped victim.

Kaza Fire does offer one set of services that still require a physical visit: repairs of apparatus and installation of equipment to fire trucks and other vehicles. Even then, it does its best to provide maximum convenience. It has mobile repair and installation trucks that will travel to customers in western and central Pennsylvania, Ohio, and northern West Virginia. This makes their service, repair, and installation offerings great adjuncts to their online sales options.

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The Kaza Fire Equipment Company offers online and physical sales of firefighting equipment and accessories for public and private fire departments. It also offers sales, installation, and service of equipment via mobile repair trucks.

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