Just a Walk Home Kennel Celebrates Arrival of Merle Labradoodles

Merle pattern adds uniqueness to the coloration of Labradoodle puppies, reports Just a Walk Home Kennel

Garrettsville, OH -- (SBWire) -- 10/15/2014 --The Labradoodle dog breed is relatively new, but already, specific variations are being bred and sold by kennels. For example, Just a Walk Home Kennel has recently started offering Merle labradoodle puppies for sale. These puppies have unique coat patterns, known as merle, and can also have blue eyes. This is a variation that many people find unique and beautiful.

"Merle is sometimes referred to as a color, but it's actually a pattern," explained Bree Arnett of Just a Walk Home Kennel. "It shows up as a mottled mixture of at least two different colors. In Labradoodles, there are two main variations: blue and red. Blue is actually bluish-gray, and carries over an underlying black color. Red, on the other hand, really refers to chocolate. In some breeds, the chocolate color is diluted, but in Labradoodles, the darker portions are straight chocolate."

This kennel finds the merle pattern to be beautiful, and Arnett feels many customers are sure to agree. Therefore, they are working to produce more merle Labradoodles by crossing their existing merles with each other. The hope is that the kennel will be able to produce a line that will always be merle, though according to some sources, the gene for this pattern is only partially dominant. This means that it is likely that there will be some solid-patterned pups in each litter, even when both parents are merles.

Despite the arrival of unique variations, many people still like the standard Labradoodle coloration. This is what most of them are looking for if they search for Labradoodle puppies for sale.

"Standard Labradoodle puppies are bred by crossing a Labrador retriever with a poodle," Arnett said. "This, however, is just the start of our breeding program. Every few generations, we backcross the multigenerational Labradoodles with pure poodles. Doing this reinforces the poodle genes. Another unique factor about Labradoodles is that their size is determined by the type of poodle in the mix. The biggest are bred from a standard poodle cross, and are about 21-25 inches. On the other side of the scale, there are miniature labradoodles that are only 16 inches. These are bred from miniature poodles. The size variation makes it easy to find a dog that'll fit a customer's home size and lifestyle."

One thing that attracts attention to the Labradoodle breed is its claimed hypoallergenic status. Some, however, warn that there is no such thing as a truly hypoallergenic dog. Instead, some breeds are less allergenic than others. This makes those breeds suitable for people who need a dog that produces a lower amount of allergens. Other good Labradoodle traits include intelligence, friendly temperament, and upbeat nature.

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Just a Walk Home Kennel is located in Ohio. It breeds Labradoodles in many colors and sizes, and now offers them in the popular merle pattern. It can sell puppies both directly from its location or by shipping them to out-of-state buyers.

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