The Gifts of Life: Powerful New Book of Poetry Spans Life's Journey; Written as a 'Companion' for Those Reaching out to God & Loved Ones

Written from the heart and experiences of Kevin Bates, ‘The Gifts of Life’ fuses fun, spiritual, emotional and thought-provoking poetry to guide readers through life’s triumphs and defeats. Split into two compelling sections, every reader will find verses that resonate with their past, present and future place in God’s world.

Katy, TX -- (SBWire) -- 10/22/2014 --Kevin Bates has spent his entire life embracing the power of other people’s words; through both human authors and the word of God. Now for the first time, he is taking his own thoughts and wisdom public through a book of poetry that can only be described as life-changing.

‘The Gifts of Life’ has something for everyone; for the successful, the abused and anyone craving that glimmer of hope that makes life great.


Each poem in this book is infused with my love of God, family and life.

These poems are spiritual, fun emotional and thought provoking. Thus making this book a great companion: for all those reaching out to God, family or a loved one.

If you have ever been deeply in love had your heart broken, been abused, lost a loved one or if you wander what lies beyond what is seen without the naked eye, or maybe if you're just wanting to have fun...

This book is for you.

“It is vital that my poetry spans as much of life’s spectrum as possible, as people from all walks of life require vital inspiration and empowerment,” explains Bates. “I have come to know first-hand the power of words, and am so honored to now be reaching out to those in need.”

Continuing, “The first half contains poetry pertaining to God and family; because in my life these two things come quite literally before anything else. The second half is called ‘Endeavor and Reward’ and deals with the sum-total of life’s journey, including how we grow as we travel and how each experience dictates how we come through the other side.”

Bates sees wide appeal for his work.

“Copies of this book should be in every home, school, office…and just about everywhere else! There is nobody it doesn’t reach out to and nobody it can’t touch. I hope reading it is as life-changing as it was to construct these verses,” he adds.

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About Kevin Bates
“I am a devoted reader and writer. Each day is spent wandering in the world of words. Never lost just going to different places. My frequent reader miles are piled up with many words. Gaining many thoughts then sharing with friends and family. I’ve learned words shared correctly through speech or in print can be very powerful. I hope to share them with you so we come to an understanding not to be powerful but to be your brother under God.

As a kid my mother brought me into the world of words. She would read with her sweet angelic voice taking me so far away doing things I never done before. Living the adventures of the people she read about. She teaching me the words she thought I do not know. Soon afterward when I asked her to read another she would tell me to pick a book off the shelf & to read it myself.”

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