54Health.com Launches New Website to Help Individuals Better Their Health

Individuals find they can achieve a healthier lifestyle in as little as five minutes with the help of articles offered through 54 Health

Sydney, Paddington -- (SBWire) -- 11/03/2014 --According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, 61 percent of deaths in the country listed cardiovascular disease, chronic kidney disease, or diabetes as an associated or underlying cause of death, with 36 percent of these deaths being attributed to one of these diseases. Individuals concerned about statistics such as this look for ways to improve their health, yet often find they struggle with time constraints as they attempt to achieve this goal. With the launch of 54health (https://54health.com), individuals find achieving better health is now much easier.

"54health strives to provide information in an easy to read format, providing consumers with a way to improve their health in as little as five minutes. Time remains in short supply for many people, yet this doesn't mean they want to neglect their health. The founders of 54health created a site to provide useful information in an easy format, whether an individual wants to know more about the Ebola virus or find a way to lose weight and strengthen their health in only 60 seconds," Lucy Moore, spokesperson for 54health, explains.

Behavioural risk factors vary greatly by person. Some opt to smoke, knowing this may be detrimental to their health, while others partake of too much sun. Physical inactivity remains a concern, and the same holds true for poor diet and nutrition or excessive alcohol consumption. The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare lists all of these factors as concerns, along with unprotected sexual activity and insufficient vaccination.

"Visit the site to learn how to cut 500 calories each day, as the site lists six ways to do so, allowing one to lose a pound each week. Discover how to make healthy cucumber drinks, or find out why sleeping naked is better for one's health. There's a topic on the site for every individual, and most will find numerous articles that interest them, thanks to the array of subjects covered here," Moore continues.

In addition, the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare reports high blood pressure, impaired glucose tolerance, obesity, and high blood cholesterol play a role in one's heath risks. Other factors identified by the institute which play a role in one's overall health and fitness include environmental factors, genetics, and demographic factors. For example, stroke death rates increase significantly as one ages.

"Discover which foods help to cleanse the lungs, organs which are bombarded every day with harmful elements people breathe in. 54health also offers information on how to eat for one's blood type and a great deal more. Visit the site today. Individuals who do so find they can learn something as they wait in line for the bus, to be called back for an appointment, or while their child grabs something they forgot, yet need for school. Five minutes make a huge difference in a person's life. Get started today and see changes in a very short period of time," Moore promises.

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54health.com provides valuable resources for those who are lacking in free time, yet are concerned about their health. The website presents valuable articles, ones designed to help an individual achieve a healthier lifestyle in as little as five minutes.

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