Warns Death of Page Rank Could Sink Unprepared Online Businesses

Dubai, UAE -- (SBWire) -- 10/30/2014 --Google’s Page Rank was once the bedrock of how Google ranked sites, however for some time it has been an outdated metric with little or no value to domain buyers. Domainers and Webmaster have for some time been discussing the obsoleteness of Page Rank when determining what domain to buy or use.

Google has confirmed the death of Page Rank by announcing they will no longer updating toolbar Page Rank.

This leaves many domain buyers robbed of what they had thought was their most important metric. Many now use Moz page authority or domain authority as their guide but Domain Metrics Tool believes these are dangerous metrics to base a decision upon. Domaining LTD has been preaching they believe the Majestic Trust Ratio, incorporated into their tool is the only metric domainers should focus on to quickly filter out low-quality and spammy domains.

Domain Metrics Tool has proven that analyzing domains on their Majestic CF/TF ratio, combining Citation Flow with Trust Flow is the metric every domain buyer should focus on if they want to identify quality domains, free of spam and with strong link profiles. Trust Flow is almost impossible to game unlike domain authority, so no matter how many spammy links people throw at a domain it won’t improve Trust Flow, in fact the opposite happens and Trust Flow often decreases.

A major analysis of domains by Majestic showed that the top 25% domains have a CT/TF ratio of 1.09, with the lower the ratio the better the domain. A high CT/TF ratio always identifies a spam domain reports Domain Metrics Tools.

Understanding and monitoring domain metrics has now become the most important SEO task to filter out spam-riddled domains while using aged domains for link building. Domain Metrics Tool offers a system that analyzes domains instantly pulling a plethora of data about each domain almost instantly. The Domain Metrics Tool also allows users to rank domains by CT/TF ratio so they can instantly save time analyzing spammy domains.

The tool allows users to perform a domain metrics check that provides true insight into a domain’s true power and influence to prevent domain sellers from overcharging for weak domains inflated by spam.

A spokesperson for commented;

“Most people selling domains these days are focused exclusively on PageRank (PR), Page Authority (PA) or Domain Authority (DA). That’s dangerous, as those metrics can be inflated and faked easily with a few $5 spammy link blasts. That’s why we include the CF / TF ratio in the results of DomainMetricsTool for analyzing domain metrics. Majestic trust ratio, CF/TF and other Majestic metrics are included for free to quickly filter out low quality, spam-riddled domains. For people looking to buy money sites or even more so those looking to develop a PBN these metrics are vital in choosing domains with sufficient link juice to be a valuable asset for a business. PBN’s are still the major ranking weapon for most successful SEO’s and our tool allows them to instantly identify the sites they should be buying and which they should disregard.”

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