Reveals the Secret to Successful Weight Loss and Maintenance

To successfully lose weight and keep it off, a problem for many, individuals need to make dietary and lifestyle changes, reports Momentum Asia

Singapore -- (SBWire) -- 11/10/2014 --Gary Foster, clinical director of the University of Pennsylvania's Weight and Eating Disorders Program reports that 65 percent of people who successfully achieve their weight loss goal using a diet return to the weight they were before dieting within a three year period. Wellsphere confirms this and states those who lose the excess weight quickly have a lower success rate when it comes to keeping it off. Individuals concerned about these statistics, those who want to take the weight off and keep it off for good, now turn to Momentum Asia Weight Loss Singapore for assistance.

"Momentum Asia offers a diet meal plan which includes a lifestyle programme, one designed to help users lose the weight and keep it off for good. Without a maintenance portion of a program, people soon return to their former eating habits and find the weight comes back, often with a few extra pounds on top of it. The diet meal plan offered through Momentum Asia actually consists of three parts to ensure clients meet their goals and make the changes needed to keep the weight off for good," Jos Stuyver, Momentum Asia spokesperson, proclaims.

Momentum Asia differs from most weight loss programs in that it consists of three stages. First, one enters the diet stage, a period which lasts 27 days. When this stage is complete, the individual enters the stabilisation program, one designed to return the dieter to normal eating patterns, as this helps to stabilise the new weight. The final stage, referred to as the lifestyle stage, offers information on nutrition and exercise along with recipes to help users maintain their new weight. Using all three stages, the individual finds he or she is able to maintain an energetic and healthy lifestyle.

"Most weight loss programs only focus on losing the weight, never teaching users how to maintain this weight over the long term. For this reason, most diets fail. With the help of Momentum Asia, users find they can not only take off the extra pounds and keep them off, they also live a healthier lifestyle. It does no good to lose the weight if one doesn't feel great and lacks the energy to do the things they most want in life. With the lifestyle programme offered through Momentum Asia, this is never an issue," Stuyver explains.

Individuals wonder if this programme will work for them. Adult men and women find they can lose the weight, as the programme provides the tools and resources needed to help them achieve their personal goal. Every person is unique and the program can be used to accommodate the unique needs of each user, by finding the right balance between a healthy weight and great food.

"Look into the Momentum Asia weight loss programme today. Individuals who do so find they can achieve their weight loss goals, with less difficult than they may have imagined. This program really works," Stuyver declares.

About Momentum Asia
Jos Stuyver, founder of Momentum Asia, worked for many years in the health care profession, as a physiotherapist and orthomolecular therapist among other things. During his time in this industry, he came to the conclusion that numerous problems result from obesity. Rather than treating the symptoms of obesity, Mr. Stuyver opted to tackle the root cause of this widespread problem which is the individual's eating habits and lifestyle. Without changes in these areas, people won't achieve their weight loss goals, as he realized, and this lead to the creation of the Momentum Asia Weight Loss Singapore program.

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