Associated Paving Contractors Inc. Offering Commercial Sealcoating for the Coming Winter

Warminster, PA -- (SBWire) -- 11/14/2014 --Associated Paving Contractors Inc. is a company that provides paving and sealcoating services within Bucks County and Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. In preparation for this coming winter, Associated Paving is offering commercial sealcoating for Bucks County and Montgomery County, PA business owners. Cold weather and freezing conditions put heavy strain on pavement and will also cause cracking and potholes if left unchecked.

Associated Pavement Contractors Inc. has been providing professional paving services since the 1970s when they were “Desert Dry Waterproofing”. They quickly changed to Associated Paving in order to bump their listings to the top of the Yellow Pages. They have grown into a large organization with around 50 employees and a fleet of versatile and fully stocked service trucks.

Their organization offers commercial sealcoating in Montgomery County and Bucks County, PA. However, they also offer a wide variety of other services. The Bucks County, PA paving contractors also provide trash dumpster rentals, asphalt milling and paving, concrete contracting, demolition contracting, snow removal, pothole repairs and professional StreetPrint/ADBRUF imprinted asphalt services. Additionally, they offer many environmental services and green initiatives, including recycled asphalt, re-processed concrete, and local suppliers of rock and other materials, in order to cut down on fossil fuel consumption.

Associated Paving Contractors Inc. is a business that keeps the community and environment in mind. They utilize used motor oil in the heating of their offices. They were one of the first organizations to recycle their own asphalt and concrete. Associated Paving also has several pieces of equipment exclusive to their organization, which they procured to better serve their community. Efficient and fresh paving is not only an attractive booster of property value, it also creates a safe environment and greatly reduces potential damages to motor vehicles, especially during cold weather where freezing water will expand and create cracks and holes in pavement. Associated Paving urges business owners to seek professional sealcoating before the cold weather moves in.

Businesses and residences seeking professional pavement repair, resurfacing, paving and installation are urged to contact Associated Paving now before the Winter season’s nasty weather picks up. Reach them by phone at 215.672.8000, or by e-mail at Their motto is “Safer, Faster, Better.” Call them today for any and all pavement needs.

About Associated Paving Contractors
Associated Paving Contractors is a family owned and operated paving company located in Warminster, PA and is the sister company to APCON Environmental Services. Associated Paving Contractors has been proudly serving the greater Philadelphia area since 1970. Fully licensed to provide services in asphalt paving, concrete services including walkways and loading docks, excavation services including site development and retaining walls, their dedicated workers have a track record of success.

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