Take Point Now Seeks Crowdfunding to Get Veterans on Jet Skis and Break World Records

The objective is to inspire veterans to set new goals and chase their dreams.


Washington, DC -- (SBWire) -- 11/26/2014 --Take Point Now is a call to action to all veterans to reclaim their extraordinary lives. The Take Point Now team wants their own epic adventures to motivate veterans, and their families, to pursue their passions and fulfill their dreams.

The team is on a mission to get veterans to shatter Guinness World Records on Personal Watercraft (PWC). Perhaps the most notable goal is to break the world record for crossing the Atlantic Ocean in record time. Much more than glory is the empowerment of wounded warriors through the development of specialized gear and adaptive controls for injured and disabled veterans to be a part of the action. The overarching goal is to inspire veterans and their loved ones to get started on the next chapter in their adventurous lives and achieve greatness in the process.

The most common question asked of Take Point Now is "why jet skis?" Team leader PK Ewing gives an easy answer. He was left with multiple severe injuries after his deployment to Iraq left him with a long list of things he couldn’t physically do anymore due to his life-changing new reality.

What can PK do with relative ease? He can sit on a jet ski with little to no discomfort and falling off a ski induces nothing but laughter. This realization is what started the wheels turning to get other veterans onto the water.

Water has peaceful and energizing properties that can invigorate veterans to join friends and family in fun activities where their injuries can’t hold them back. Far beyond the fun and new sense of camaraderie veterans can experience is the added benefit of alleviating PTSD issues after a fun day on the waves. Take Point Now’s program will help veterans reclaim their lives, instill a sense of pride in what they are capable of while fostering a sense of community between other veterans and community members.

Crowdfunding is sought for training missions, fuel, equipment acquisition and maintenance, and an advertising campaign to reach out to veterans to raise awareness of this first-of-its kind veterans program.

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This crowdfunding campaign ends on January 7, 2015.

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