Panther Trading Company, Inc. Offering a Wide Selection of Knives by Tiger-USA, Their Flagship Brand, This Coming Winter


Baltimore, MD -- (SBWire) -- 12/19/2014 --Panther Trading Company, Inc. is an online organization that provides quality knives, swords, blades and other products. For this coming winter, they are featuring a wide variety of quality wholesale knives by Tiger-USA®, their flagship brand of knife. Their knives serve a wide variety of purposes, from straight-edge razors for barbers, Damascus steel trigger-released knives, hunting knives, utility knives, novelty knives and more.

Tiger-USA®'s knives are all backed by a lifetime guarantee and warrantee. This guarantee includes a hassle-free return policy, meaning that regardless of what happens to the knife it can be returned. This includes breaking, a manufacturer's defect or any other conceivable problem. Tiger-USA® and Panther Trading Company, Inc. will accept the knife back, no questions asked, and the customer will receive a free knife, paying for nothing other than shipping.

Panther Trading Company, Inc. markets to businesses that re-sell knives, and Tiger-USA® is no exception to this. Customers purchasing Tiger-USA®'s knives can return defective or otherwise damaged knives directly to Panther Trading Company, Inc., ensuring that the retailer of the knives doesn't have to deal with anything involving the return policy. Panther Trading Company, Inc. stresses that they will assess and address any customer needs regarding Tiger-USA®'s products. This policy holds whether they bought it directly from Panther Trading Company, Inc.'s website or not.

Tiger-USA®'s products come in a variety of styles. Most of the products are full-tang, and made of high-quality materials including Teflon and Damascus steel. They also offer parachute knives, stiletto and Godfather-style knives, barber's razors and more. Many of their products are trigger-assisted, allowing for quick and ready self-defense instead of fumbling trying to flip open a knife with fingernails. Many of their knives also follow themes directly related to popular movies and video games, including Metal Gear Solid and The Punisher.

Aside from knives, Panther Trading Company, Inc. also offers a wide variety of other products, for both collectors and those seeking effective personal defense. For the collector they have a myriad of ninja and martial arts gear, medieval gear, keychains, daggers, novelty throwing knives, swords and more. For clients seeking more serious personal defense, they offer stun guns, batons, Gerber gear, tactical gear, tactical pens, utility tools and more.

Panther Trading Company, Inc. has been in business for over a decade serving their clients with affordable novelties and effective personal defense articles. Their affordable, high-quality wholesale fixed-blade knives are perfect for resale. They have flexible return policies that can be viewed on their website. Panther Trading Company, Inc. requires a minimum purchase of $100. Call them today at 866-644-0134 or e-mail them at or

About Panther Trading Company, Inc.
Panther Trading Company, Inc. is an online wholesale distributor of Airsoft guns, martial arts weapons, and self-defense items. They work hard to offer the lowest wholesale prices around on high-quality, hard to find products. Products are imported from China, India, and Pakistan, and samples are tested before being shipped to customers. Panther Trading Company, Inc. continually invents new items, and promises their clients 100 new products every month.

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