Experts Consider Glucosamine as an Effective Natural Alternative for Joint Pain

Portland, OR -- (SBWire) -- 01/02/2015 --Glucosamine is popularized by the health benefits it offers for joint health. It is used by many arthritis sufferers who claim to have experienced pain relief by taking the natural alternative. Now, it seems that it is not only arthritis sufferers who believe in the therapeutic benefits of glucosamine, but also health professionals too.

More health experts are starting to concede that glucosamine may have positive applications in managing joint pain. Some even believe that glucosamine has the capacity to improve the health of the cartilage in addition to providing pain relief.

"Achieving pain relief is one thing that most arthritis sufferers are striving for every day. Without this pain, they are able to do their daily routines, work and enjoy life," said VitaBreeze Supplements spokesperson, Michelle O'Sullivan. "Thousands of sufferers worldwide claim that glucosamine has helped them achieve joint pain relief, so it's about time we started taking natural medicine more seriously."

Several scientific studies have been conducted in various parts of the world to see the effects of glucosamine in joint pain sufferers. Many of these studies found that the subjects who took glucosamine for a particular span of time experienced some improvements in their mobility and joint health.

"Glucosamine is naturally produced by our bodies to help around the joints. However, as a person ages the glucosamine levels in the body deteriorate and this speeds up wear and tear in the joints. Taking glucosamine supplements has been associated with improvements in pain levels," added O'Sullivan.

In general, studies that found glucosamine required longer periods of time to take effect. While relief is not instant, its effects are believed to be longer-lasting than pharmaceutical drugs. Glucosamine is also thought to be a safer long-term alternative, following strong FDA warnings against long-term use of pharmaceutical drugs.

Glucosamine supplements are widely available in the market today. According to experts, it is essential for patients to research and choose the most reliable glucosamine supplement they can find. They suggest that consumers take time in discovering what ingredients are used and where a product is manufactured.

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