Diesel's Premium Grows, Shuffling Fuel Economy Math

Experts and Analysts estimate that diesels will have accounted for about 3 percent of US sales of light-vehicle in 2014.

Corpus Christi, TX -- (SBWire) -- 01/05/2015 --Falling gasoline rates have shaken-up a few of the mathematical computations that has made diesel a smart substitute fuel for fuel-savvy drivers. However, analyst and Industry insiders estimate diesels provide crucial benefits which make them less susceptible than hybrid automobiles to gas-price fluctuations.

For quite a long time, Diesel has been priced at a premium over petrol. Thanks to the noticeable fall in fuel prices in the last 6 months, that premium is continuing to grow to almost 80 cents per gallon [U.S.] of automotive gasoline by a week ago, the largest spread since 2008, based on the U.S. Energy Information Management. In previous year, the spread was simply over 50 cents.

Diesel rates have dropped, too, although not almost as quickly as gasoline. Consequently, diesel purchasers have a harder time holding out enough fuel-efficiency profits to counteract the extra upfront price of the diesel powertrain that could add up to thousands of bucks over the price of an equivalent gasoline vehicle.

"Diesel shoppers, similar to hybrid shoppers, often do more study before they purchase," stated Dave Sullivan, an Analyst of Auto Pacific. "Once the measurement conversion does not seem sensible, these fuel-savvy customers be inclined to either purchase something else or wait to determine what happens."

But as the recent clear-diesel automobiles have now been established as fuel-economy frontrunners, experts claim, core buyers are drawn by additional characteristics, such as longer mileage on a tank, higher-torque along with greater towing capacity.

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