Tianhemast.com Launched a Diverse Range of CCTV Camera Telescopic Poles

Shenzhen, China -- (SBWire) -- 01/06/2015 --Tianhemast.com, the online retail division of Tianhe Telescopic Mast Group, recently launched a wide array of custom-made telescopic masts that are specially designed for fire departments, broadcast media and military forces. The manufacturers of the custom-built CCTV telescopic mast claimed that these masts are highly instrumental in surveillance, aerial photography, and rescue operations. The privately owned company, which is headquartered in Wenzhou Province of China, is now aiming at meeting the growing needs of the CCTV security industry. The owners of the company have expressed that they want to meet growing customer needs in terms of quality and pricing. According to them, CCTV telescopes manufactured by them can meet mobile security needs.

Tianhe Telescopic Mast Group, which specializes in manufacturing mechanical telescopic mast, is now focused on making better-quality CCTV telescoping masts. According to the owners, the CCTV masts will allow remote cameras to take photographs and capture videos from all possible angles. The masts that are offered now by the company are made with weather-resistant and hard-coated aluminium. The superior-grade aluminium first goes through a heat treatment. The company owners have claimed with conviction that the masts can be highly helpful in unmanned close-circuit surveillance in humanly inaccessible areas. These masts can also be used in areas where there is no electricity or no pole.

"Our mechanical masts that are used for CCTV surveillance go through rigorous testing before we send them to the factory assembly line. We also offer pneumatic masts that are great for carrying more loads. These are quite different from the mechanical masts and have some limitations if you compare them with the mechanical ones. For example, in colder regions, mechanical masts can seamlessly perform whereas pneumatic masts may not work well in these areas. We are quite happy that the antenna telescopic mast products that we are offering to the world now are selling in good quantities. Apart from Chinese companies, many overseas companies are also taking in our products, which is a good sign we think", said the CEO of Tianhe Telescopic Mast Group.

About Tianhe Telescopic Mast Group
Tianhe Telescopic Mast Group has its specialization in all types of telescopic masts that are manufactured in compliance with international standards.

More information about the company can be found at http://www.tianhemast.com/

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