Diet Doc Reintroduces Oxytocin for Weight Loss to Their Emotional Eater's Diet Plans

Diet Doc has discovered that Oxytocin for weight loss delivers many more benefits when combined with specialized Emotional Eater’s diet plans


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWire) -- 01/14/2015 --Oxytocin, a natural hormone responsible for the regulation of social and metabolic psychological behaviors in the brain, is stored in the posterior pituitary gland and secreted during pregnancy, delivery and orgasm. Initially thought to play a key role in the ability for mothers to bond with their newborns, this powerful hormone has recently been discovered to do so much more.

Since introducing Oxytocin for weight loss into their stable of prescription diet products and healthy living supplements, the company has received amazing response from patients throughout the country. When combined with Diet Doc's specialized Emotional Eater's diet plans and exclusive prescription diet products, Oxytocin enables the body to release this valuable hormone during times of stress and anxiety when the urge to reach for comfort foods is at its peak. Shown to effect the appetite by selectively suppressing sugar intake, perhaps by reducing the "thrill" of eating, Oxytocin reduces the emotional reward derived from food. In addition, those with higher levels of Oxytocin appear to take more pleasure in their lives, foster more loving relationships, have reduced stress and anxiety levels and more trust and empathy for others.

Emotional eaters who are interested in reducing stress levels and looking and feeling better by incorporating Oxytocin for weight loss into their diet, will simply complete a health questionnaire and schedule an online consult with a Diet Doc physician. During the consult, the doctor will review the entire system to identify hormonal imbalances that may be challenging weight loss. These issues will be addressed when the doctor recommends the most compatible weight loss strategy.

Meal and snack plans will be created by nutritionists that meet the personal nutritional, medical and lifestyle needs of patients and that are geared toward emotional eaters. The diet plans are interesting, easy to follow and incorporate a wide range of food choices that keep the body operating optimally, leaving the patient feeling full and satisfied. While all patients are eligible for specialized emotional eater's diet plans, many will qualify for prescription hormone treatments, exclusive diet pills, powerful fat burners and Oxytocin for weight loss. This powerful combination generates safe and fast weight loss while controlling dieting side effects that oftentimes result in emotional eaters abandoning their goals.

Dedicated to providing the safest and most effective weight loss available, Diet Doc monitors their patient's progress throughout and provides unlimited access to their staff of professionally trained experts. This level of personal care, support and attention is unparalleled by the competition, helping Diet Doc continue to lead the country in safe and fast weight loss.

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