Animal Lovers and Pet Owners Just Found a New Territory


Cape Cod, MA -- (SBWire) -- 01/26/2015 --Social media including pet social sites have taken the internet by storm over the past few years. They've gone from being a fun pastime to being a major portion of most professional marketing tools. Petpop, Petstreet, lovemypets, and other pet websites are all examples of popular social media sites.

Petsterritory, which can be found at, is the newest pet social network site on the web. The site is organized to group pet owners with common interests together, making it easier for new members to meet and find people of their liking. So, if you love dogs, cats, horses, etc.. you can find your tribe on the newly launched site.

"All the features the public has come to expect are available at the site. Besides the ability to play games, post media contents such as funny videos, upload pictures of their beloved animals, or just hang out, members can find information about specific animals. They can ask questions about their pets, share reviews, and market their business. They can also, search for, and help others locate lost pets" CEO Jolibois said.

Petsterritory members can simultaneously update their status on other social networking sites from their Petsterritory account. They can see their latest friend's posts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. A system like this ensures that members maintain a presence on all social media platforms. The interconnectedness helps to make connecting and marketing easier than ever before.

One way that creators are hoping to bring something new and exciting to their platform is by adding other pet related services to the site. Participants can use the site as a portal to sell their used pet supplies, find schools, new products, and pet services around them.

The site, which was launched in its beta version on December 21, 2014 is open to new participants. At this point, the site is already accessible via mobile and will conform to any kind of phone members have. Bottom line is that is chock full of options for users to engage each other and have fun.

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