Diet Doc Announces Their Strategy to Fight the Nation's Obesity Epidemic with Affordable Diet Plans That Really Work

Diet Doc redesigned their already affordable diet plans to be more compatible with those of any economic status and for those who have unsuccessfully tried everything and are desperate to find a diet plan that really works


Memphis, TN -- (SBWire) -- 01/28/2015 --According to the recent Gallup-Healthways Wellbeing Index, Americans are getting fatter. The percentage of obese adults is up by more than 2 percent with trends rising in 2014 to 27.7%. Gallup-Healthways reports that this is the highest obesity rate measured in America during the past 7 years. Trends show that Americans who were previously ranked as being overweight have now moved into the obesity category. Surprisingly, Americans aged 65 and older have seen the sharpest incline, rising 4%, followed by the 45 to 64 age group, Midwestern Americans and, finally, women in general. The report states that, while it is well-known that obesity is associated with physical health problems, it is also linked to other elements of well-being and is linked closely to those who earn lower incomes.

Diet Doc believes that everyone, in any part of the country and in any economic status, deserves the opportunity to enjoy their life, free of the burden of excess fat and weight-related health problems. For this reason, the company does not target a specific socio-economic status, but continues to target those who are desperate to lose embarrassing and unhealthy excess weight and those who feel they have exhausted every effort and outlet to lose weight. Affordable diet plans are professionally designed for those of all shapes and sizes and for those who are struggling to lose that final 10-20 pounds to those who must 100 pounds or more.

Aside from being medically supervised throughout, Diet Doc's affordable diet plans include meal and snack plans that are strategically designed to be specific to each patient's personal needs and medical conditions. These diet plans include exclusive prescription diet products that help patients over the initial weight loss hurdles by overcoming the urge to overindulge by controlling food cravings, between meal hunger and loss of energy during dieting. Diet plans are designed to be affordable to those of any economic status and to fit comfortably into almost any budget. And, because Diet Doc has partnered with Telemedicine, their patients can avoid costly and time consuming visits to doctor offices and weight loss clinics. By simply calling Diet Doc or visiting the website, patients can complete an initial health evaluation, speak personally with one of the company's specially trained weight loss doctors during an online consultation, schedule weekly checkup calls and order their prescription diet products without leaving the comfort of their home. For added convenience, all diet product orders will be shipped directly to each patient's door for immediate use.

The company has helped people in even the most remote regions of the country lose dangerous excess fat and has earned their reputation of trust and reliability by delivering safe, effective and affordable diet plans that really work. This is why thousands of people throughout the country are turning to Diet Doc.

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