School Girl Teaches Unbelievable PowerPoint Tricks in Amazing Videos

Delhi, India -- (SBWire) -- 01/27/2015 --The Preview Promo Video Of Unbelievable PowerPoint Tricks Taught By A 10 Year Old Indian School Girl Had Gone Viral & Now The Father Daughter Duo Have Taken Education To A Different Level By Releasing More Than 20 Chapters Of Amazing Tricks Online

If the mere thought of making PowerPoint presentations leaves one bored, then turn to these free, user-friendly online tutorials, courtesy a 10-year-old Indian-origin girl and probably the world's youngest teacher of online software tutorials.

Teaming up with her father Rajesh Kalra, Arkshya has brought the otherwise dull PowerPoint software to life with mind-blowing, three-dimensional (3D) tricks.

Together, the father and daughter have created nearly 25 online tutorials filmed in professional studios to toe-tapping music. These Tutorials ARE RELEASED & available on their web site &

With these PowerPoint tutorials, one can make the clouds move in a still picture, make unwanted people vanish from an image, replace backgrounds with video, enhance and sharpen pictures, create 360 degree scene effects, and use 3D effects to make a jumbo jet appear as if it is flying in a still Pictures "With these tutorials, it is easy to transform a boring PowerPoint presentation into an entertaining, yet simple, slideshow," Arkshya added.

Who Could Benefit From Tutorials

Research tells us that 90% of what we say is forgotten within 30 seconds after we say it. I work very hard on my presentations. I do it so they will be remembered. I don't do all that preparation to be forgotten before my next sentence. Research also shows that visuals increase memory by 300%. If people want someone to remember something--don't tell them--show them.

Students preparing assignments for school could learn to create mind-blowing presentations. Consider a book report. Instead of putting the title up on the screen, the title could dance across screen in time with awesome music. Then show a picture of the author in 3D. Each scene could be animated. At the end of the report, the class would feel like they had watched a movie instead of a book report.

Conference presenters can wow their audience with 3D PowerPoint. Instead of talking about the business growing, have a 3D image of the business actually grow before their eyes. Set the presentation to music and allow the objects to dance, flip, rotate or roll across the screen.

Teachers can take classes to a new level of interest. Instead of writing math problems on the board, allow them to move on the screen. Rather than reading about a war in the book, animate it on the screen. Consider animating a science lesson on a screen to improve understanding.

Coaches, forget about Xs and Os on a chalkboard. Players can be inserted on a field and actually go through a play. The players can know exactly where they are supposed to be while on the field.

Dance teachers can show the exact position of each body part with animation. A group dance can be animated so that each dancer knows when to be where during the dance.

The possibilities are endless. PowerPoint is capable of amazing presentations. Use 3D PowerPoint for ones next presentation and that conference won't be forgotten. Check out the preview video. All the chapters are recorded in the same way. Remember each chapter is only 5-8 minutes in length. It will be a very productive and entertaining few minutes.

Contact Info
Rajesh Kalra Founder and Teacher
RK Photo Magic Trix
Mob: 00-91-9999913203

Contact: Theresa Franklin
Author, School Administrator
Phone: 409-579-3467
Hemphill, Texas

About 3D PowerPoint Possibilities
RK took one year to unlock the mysteries of PowerPoint. But no one else has to spend a year learning it. RK and his 10-year-old daughter have created tutorials on creating 3D effects with PowerPoint. There are over 25 chapters created. They can be seen online for the onetime payment of $0. Yes, that is right. They are 100% free.

Why? RK remembers the embarrassment of his first presentation. He says "I could have done so much better if someone had taught me about PowerPoint." He wants students and corporate presenters to be successful. So he and his daughter have created these high quality tutorials and are offering them FREE.

Now, on a regular basis, people see FREE on the internet and then at the end they want people to pay. That won't happen with RKPhotoMagicTrix. The only thing one will hear at the end of the tutorial is an invitation to join the next session and toe-tapping music.

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Rajesh Kalra
Founder and Teacher
RK Photo Magic Trix

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