Diet Doc Outlines the Best Diet Plans for Men Versus the Best Diet Plans for Women

Diet Doc designs the best diet plans that work effectively for men and for women, enabling each sex to safely, smoothly and rapidly transition to improved physical and emotional health through weight loss


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWire) -- 01/29/2015 --Many times, men and women who diet together results in one partner becoming frustrated and discouraged because their counterpart is celebrating faster weight loss success. Understanding the differences in physiology between the two sexes can go a long way in resolving potential conflict between couples who diet together.

While many experts believe that the central components of a diet high in fruits, vegetables and lean protein are gender-neutral, there are biological and behavioral differences between men and women that make some diets more effective, or at least more appealing, to each sex.

Diet Doc did their own research which reveals some very interesting trends for the best diets for men versus the best diets for women.

1. Men typically lose more weight faster because they have more muscle mass, which means that, during work or play, they burn calories faster;

2. Men find it more difficult to stick to and maintain a diet high in fruits and vegetables and also find it more challenging to adhere to portion control and calorie counting;

3. Men can react differently to products meant to hasten fat loss. For example, hCG, a hormone that is commonly used for weight loss, can naturally increase testosterone levels in men translating to an increased metabolism, increased muscle mass, increased lean body mass and a greater decrease in fat body mass;

4. Although many women find it difficult to admit, men do tend to have more resistance to food temptations. A study in 2009 tempted both sexes with their favorite high carbohydrate, high calorie foods. When instructed to resist the treats, the study revealed that, while both sexes reported feeling less hungry, only the men's brains actually mirrored the command, revealing that men find it less challenging to resist what they should not eat. Women in the study, however, discovered creative methods of tasting small portions of the forbidden foods through point systems or otherwise.

Women, on the other hand:

1. May find that the same high fat diet that her counterpart is following may cause side effects of abdominal pain;

2. Most women tend to be more comfortable than men with highly organized dieting methods;

3. Oxytocin, a hormone that is coupled with meal and snack plans to deliver weight loss, tends to be more effective in women who have a history of struggling with carbohydrate cravings and emotional eating;

4. Because women quite naturally have higher levels of the hormone estrogen, high fat diets can be more challenging because of the effect of estrogen on fat digestion and the gallbladder forcing many women to take supplements to help with gallbladder function and fat digestion during dieting.

5. The silver lining is that, simply because a man sheds weight faster, this does not mean that he will sustain the weight loss longer. A strong maintenance plan is critical to both sexes for long term weight management.

Diet Doc designs diet plans that work safely and effectively for men and for women. Because the company is the only weight loss program to use their own scientifically developed algorithm that calculates each patient's age, gender, nutritional needs, medical conditions and weight loss expectations, their diet plans are effective for both sexes. And, because the company enhances their diet plans with pure, prescription diet products that turn the body into a fat burning machine by seeking out stored fat and quickly flushing it from the system while eliminating hunger, food cravings and loss of energy, patients are more easily able to focus completely on weight loss.

While there are very real differences in successful weight loss between men and women, dieting does not have to be competition and does not always have to end in a battle of the sexes. Diet Doc can help men and women of all ages, shapes and sizes improve their physical and emotional health through safe, effective and rapid weight loss.

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