Diet Doc Compares Their Weight Loss Programs, That Help Patients Lose 20 Pounds or More Per Month, to Other Diet Plans That Do Not Include Long Term Weight Management Plans

Diet Doc teaches their patients how to lose 20 pounds or more per month and maintain their ideal weight with complete diet programs that include unlimited support before, during and after weight loss goals are reached


Miami, FL -- (SBWire) -- 01/30/2015 --Figuring out how to lose 20 pounds seems like a simple task. However, dieting and successful weight loss are extremely challenging for most people. This is because there is such a huge gap between WANTING to lose 20 pounds and understanding HOW to lose 20 pounds. Losing the first 5 pounds is usually easy and happens fast for most people. Tackling the next 15 pounds is the tricky part. It requires crucial changes in the body's metabolism and physiology. From neurotransmitters in the brain that control appetite to hormones released in the gut to fat cells which alter physiologic processes, the mechanisms required to lose significant amounts of excess fat can be challenging.

Dieting and weight loss can be frustrating and challenging for most people because simply eating "diet foods" does not work. And, while many fad diets will help patients generate initial weight loss, they also generate enormous amounts of revenue for the company, however, rarely do they ever result in long term weight loss. This is because the diet is designed NOT to deliver long term weight loss. Patients who lose 20 pounds of fat and are able to keep it off permanently, are no longer repeat customers and of no financial benefit to the company.

The human body is a very intricate and complicated instrument, responding to various situations by conveying signals from the control center, particularly the hypothalamus and the brain stem. When dieting, these signals are generated from the gut, adipose tissue, liver and pancreas. Gut hormones are secreted during the food intake process generating cues, including hunger, satiety, reward and emotional wellbeing. In addition, increased feelings of hunger and decreased feelings of satiety after patients reach their ideal weight are associated with an increase in the 24-hour profile of circulating levels of ghrelin, also referred to as the "hunger" hormone. These changes in appetite-related hormones appear to persist for at least 1 year after weight reduction and may remain altered indefinitely in a manner that promotes increased energy intake and, ultimately, weight regain. For this reason, diet plans should include aftercare supervision that will teach those who have struggled to successfully lose excess weight how to keep it off permanently.

Simply stated, successfully losing 20 pounds of fat body mass can be made easier when supervised by a team of qualified medical professionals who are trained in the science of safe and fast weight loss and who understand how all of this really works. At Diet Doc, their doctors are specially trained in the science of fast weight loss and intimately understand how the body reacts to specific foods and diet treatments. Their new patients will first consult online with one of the highly trained doctors, who will review the entire system to uncover the real reason for weight gain. Patients then work closely with certified nutritionists who tailor meal and snack plans that are unique to each patient's personal needs. This team stays close throughout each patient's weight loss journey and are available via phone or email to answer questions, offer weight loss suggestions and tips and always eager to lend their unlimited support before, during and after weight loss.

Diet Doc has earned its reputation of trust and reliability by offering their patients the tools to, not only lose 20 pounds safely and rapidly, but by also offering aftercare support to help their clients successfully maintain their new, slimmer and healthier body. The company excels at understanding the complexity of dieting and weight loss and implements simple techniques and strategies to foster safe, reliable fat body mass reduction. The Diet Doc team of physicians, nutritionists, and weight loss coaches create individualized weight loss programs for the complex lives of individual people.

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