New Website Reviews the Best Sandless Beach Mats, Rugs and Blankets

New York, NY -- (SBWire) -- 02/03/2015 --Sandless beach mats, or sand-free beach mats as they are also known, have become increasingly popular in recent years, and so as a result of this increased demand, a new webste has recently been set up that discusses the benefits of these products, and features some of the best ones to buy.

According to this website, sandless beach mats are so much better than a traditional beach mat made out of straw because these use advanced technology to repel sand and create a clean, sand-free environment when relaxing on the beach.

Therefore people no longer have to worry about sand getting in their food, for example, or worse still, sand getting inside their mobile phone or MP3 player, for instance, which can be a real problem. Plus there is less chance of people getting particles of sand sticking to their body after they have applied suncream.

These products were first developed for military use, but have since evolved into these innovative beach mats and beach blankets that everyone can use when they go to the beach.

Commenting on these sand-free beach mats, a spokesman for said:

"I first bought one of these sandless beach mats a few years ago now, and absolutely loved it right from day one because the way that it is designed ensures that sand passes through the mat from above, but isn't able to come back up from underneath."

"The only drawback is that they are more expensive than your standard beach mat and are also a little bit heavier. However when you consider all of the benefits, and bear in mind that they can also be used on camping trips and picnics to eliminate any dust and dirt particles, I feel that it is well worth paying a little bit extra for one of these products."

Anyone that would like to view all of the best sandless beach mats, rugs and blankets that are currently available, can do so by visiting:

About discusses some of the benefits of sand-free beach mats and beach blankets, whilst demonstrating how they actually work and reviewing some of the most best ones to buy.

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