A New App Called Pocket Sergeant App Helps Store Detectives and Retail Guards Understand Laws and Procedures

Pocket Sergeant app is an advanced app, which has been designed by a serving police officer. It allows people in the security industry to have a better understanding of the law, as well as procedures put into place.

London, UK -- (SBWire) -- 02/16/2015 --A serving police officer from Lincolnshire has developed an app called Pocket Sergeant, which helps store detectives and retail security guards have a better understanding of the law. The app, which is already being used on the streets of the United Kingdom by serving police officers, is now available for anyone in the security industry or anyone who has an interest in the law.

The Pocket Sergeant App provides security officers, store detectives and retail guards with a wealth of information at hand. The new app, which receives regular updates is a must have for anyone in the security industry. Some of the features provides by Pocket Sergeant include, offence definitions, points to prove, whether there is sufficient evidence to charge a suspect (offence specific).

When a crime has been committed, which includes shoplifting, a security guard or retail guard are required to fill in a statement. A statement can be a tricky document to fill in even for people who have been in the security industry for a number of years. Pocket Sergeant provides all the information that is required to complete a statement. It allows the security officer to tick off the points needed to make sure the required information is available, and the form is filled in correctly.

The Pocket Sergeant App has a wealth of information, which includes the PACE Codes of Practice that can be referred to when required. In today's world of litigation, it is important that security guards and store detective follow the letter of the law and have the right procedures in place.

Security guards can find themselves in a tricky situation when it comes to shoplifting offences. By having the Pocket Sergeant app at hand, it can bring more confidence to their role to make sure the correct procedures have been followed.

The cost of the Pocket Sergeant is £3.99 and profits from the app will be reinvested to add further content and features that users request.

Learn more regarding the Pocket Sergeant app by visiting to the web pages at http://www.pocketsergeant.co.uk today.

Paul Cooper is happy to speak to the media about his new app, and is available to be contacted at marketing@pocketsergeant.co.uk, where an interview can be arranged in person or over the phone.

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Pocket Sergeant is an app that is helping serving police officers to deal with day-to-day situations in a modern police world.

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