Skill Badges Launch to Help Jobseekers Stand out on Social Media Turning the Recruitment Market on Its Head with Digital Badges


Oxford, UK -- (SBWire) -- 02/20/2015 --Modern job seekers don't just rely on bullet points on their CV/resume landing them the job. Instead, more and more are using social media and new eye-catching methods such as achievement badges to tell potential employers the full story of their professional experience. Today, CareerClover and Acclaim announce the launch of badges allowing job seekers to broadcast their top workforce competencies to potential employers on social media, including LinkedIn. For anyone looking to move forward in their professional development or make a career change, showing off one's current skills and future capabilities to potential employers is of utmost importance.

Earning a badge requires job seekers to first take the 16PF® Personality Questionnaire. The questionnaire from CareerClover is a helpful career test aimed to provide insight and career advice to job seekers, indicating a career path best suited to their personality. Based on their results, they will be offered badges according to their top professional competencies.

This is an industry first and is turning the market on its head. Many top employers currently use the 16PF Personality Assessment as part of the recruitment process, after a candidate has been identified. With the introduction of badges, job seekers can take the 16PF proactively and display their top attributes to employers, helping the employers identify a good fit from the very start.

Robert McHenry, Executive Chairman at OPP Ltd at, "We are giving job seekers access to a valid and respected personality assessment to help them stand out. Our ultimate aim is to revolutionize the way employers search for talent and the way job seekers identify the right jobs."

Mark Mercury, Product Development Lead from Acclaim, says, "We are highly selective about our partners, and we feel that CareerClover is high-calibre because it utilizes one of the most rigorous and well-researched personality assessments on the market today. I think this is a major step forward, both for employers and job seekers."

Why Badges?

A badge is a standardized, digital verification of an individual's skills and attributes. Badges have been labelled a top innovation trend to watch. More and more, employers are looking for badges to verifying claims of expertise. CareerClover joins the ranks of NASA, Microsoft, Adobe and other market leaders who expect that badges will become the way of the future, providing verification that the person with the badge has actually demonstrated the skills or knowledge necessary to earn that qualification.

Job titles and descriptions can be confusing. Job seekers can make an HR recruiter's job easy by showing what they are capable of executing. With one click on a badge, a recruiter can see what it took to earn the credential represented by the badge, evidence and industry standard that support the credential earned.

Essentially, it allows job seekers to give a more accurate and compelling story about who they are and what they can offer the employer.

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About CareerClover
CareerClover is an online tool, suitable for all job seekers, from those just starting out to seasoned professionals, who are looking for a career change.

CareerClover uses the highly accurate 16PF personality assessment to help those job seekers who are looking to identify key strengths and work-based preferences for their career development or a potential career change. The resources- rich service provides each user with a series of insights based on their responses as well as tailored advice and bespoke action plans to help bag a new role. CareerClover helps candidates to feel more fulfilled and happier in their work, by providing access career change ideas based upon their personality and work styles.

CareerClover has been developed by OPP Limited, one of the world's largest distributors of psychometric tools. OPP has delivered personality-based insights to employers, employees and candidates for a quarter of a century, making it ideally placed to offer current job seekers sophisticated, accessible and relevant guidance when it comes to deciding on a new direction.

CareerClover was created by a team of digital, psychology and career coaching experts who are based both in the UK and in the US, for jobseekers in both markets.

About Acclaim
Acclaim is a badging platform backed by Pearson, the world's leading learning company, and has one goal: to help individuals move forward professionally. Acclaim partners with top academic institutions, credential programs and professional organizations to enable the managing, sharing and verification of achievements that have resume potential.

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