"Spanish Missions in Texas" Launches Kickstarter Program to Fund Photo Essay Project

"Spanish Missions in Texas" is a photo essay project documenting the influence of the Spanish missions on Texas history. The creators have now launched a Kickstarter program to fund final production of this project.


Livingston, TX -- (SBWire) -- 02/24/2015 --"Spanish Missions in Texas" is the name of a photo essay book depicting seven historic Spanish missions located on the San Antonio River.  While the Alamo is quite famous, there are many other Spanish missions of the same period that have not received the same attention.  Now, "Spanish Missions in Texas" will broaden the knowledge about the impact of these missions on the history and culture of Texas and its people.

Located at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1364161759/spanish-missions-in-texas, the Kickstarter campaign will raise funds to tell the story of these Spanish missions and the effort of the missionaries to Christianize the local population and more importantly to solidify control of their territory.  The book will depict the influence that the missions have had on Texas music, food, dress, religion and other cultural factors through the use of a number of photographic methods and styles.

The missions to be included have already been photographed, but all locations must be revisited and additional photographs added to complete the book.  After photographs are shot, editing and post-production must also occur before the book will be ready for distribution.

At the $5 level, donors will receive name recognition in the photo book.  At the $10 level, donors will receive name recognition as well as a 4x6 print, and at the $25 level an 8x10 print.  At $50, donors receive a large print as well as a copy of the hard-cover photo book along with name recognition, and at the $100 level the donor receives a large book as well as a print.  Other prizes are also available at higher donation levels.  For complete information on donation rewards, see the Kickstarter page.

About "Spanish Missions in Texas"
"Spanish Missions in Texas" is a photo essay book that is currently in production and concerns seven history Spanish missions on the San Antonio River, including their influence on Texas culture and history.  A Kickstarter campaign has been started to raise funds to finish production of the photo essay book.

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