Vape Daily Ltd Disputes Biased Formaldehyde, Cancer Claims Made by New E Cigarette Study

Vape Daly Ltd has published comments disputing the claims made by an E Cigarette Study focusing on formaldehyde levels in e-cigarettes, criticizing the conditions of the testing as unrealistic.

Whitburn, Scotland -- (SBWire) -- 03/06/2015 --There has been some controversy in the Vaping community of late as electronic cigarettes are said to emit significant levels of carcinogenic formaldehyde, according to a new unscientific study. This study itself however has not been without criticism, and Vape Daily has been one of the first to come out and undermine the claims of the study. They are shedding light on specifics within the research which, they claim, make nonsense of the cancer implications.

The key criticisms Vape Daily have levelled against the study are damning. First, they claim that a vaporizer can be made to produce any level of aldehydes under laboratory conditions, but that these are very different conditions to those experienced by users. When large levels of formaldehyde are created, this is during a 'dry puff' phenomenon, which users identify immediately and will never repeat – it is an error, not the norm for vapers.

Second, the formaldehyde claims are actually being made around formaldehyde-propylene glycol or formaldehyde-glycerol molecules, which are instances in which the formaldehyde has already bonded to an alcohol which prevents it from bonding to the lung. Indeed, these molecules have been said to increase formaldehyde resistance in lungs.

To achieve the formaldehyde claims the study ran them at very high voltages that were unrealistic for everyday usage. When they were tested at normal voltages the issues with formaldehyde didn't occur.

A spokesperson for Vape Daily Ltd explained, "Electronic cigarettes can only prove dangerous when they are out of e-liquid, which is a situation no one would be using them in. The vape culture is one of responsible use; most people use these to quit regular smoking which everyone understands is deadly for people's health. As such, people will not be as irresponsible as to undergo the considerable unpleasantness it takes to produce the kind of results shown in this study. Finally, the simplification of molecules containing formaldehyde to represent formaldehyde itself is frankly misleading. Unfortunately tobacco companies have huge budgets and ae known to try and undermine anything that effects their sales and there is no bigger danger to the cigarette industry than vaping. We would urge anyone to look beyond the headlines and look at the real facts."

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